Labour’s ‘Twelve Second Silence Interview’ Candidate Celebrated Thatcher’s Death

Jane Aitchison is Labour’s candidate for the ultra-marginal seat of Pudsey in West Yorkshire. The seat has a wafer thin 331 vote Tory majority over Labour. Aitchison came to public prominence last week for her extraordinary twelve second silence with Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live with over whether or not another Labour candidate, Zarah Sultana, should continue to stand after saying she would  “celebrate” the deaths of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Guido can reveal that Aitchison herself revelled in the death of Margaret Thatcher, proclaiming “spring has sprung apparently, Thatcher is dead!”  at an event in April 2013. Describing the week following Lady Thatcher’s death, Aitchison said “people have absolutely loved it”, and described David Cameron’s Conservatives as “lower than vermin.” She went on to say the one good thing about the first female Prime Minister was “ding dong the witch is bloody dead.”

Aitchison has also described Conservatives as “pig f*ckers” and repeatedly used the phrase “tory bastards.” Guido can understand what might have been running through her head in those twelve excruciating seconds…

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Ken Tells Momentum Candidate: Waitrose Shoppers Aren’t Scum

Ken Livingstone has sprung to the defence of Waitrose shoppers this morning after Guido revealed a Momentum-backed Labour parliamentary candidate branded the supermarket’s customers “scum”. Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO Red Ken was asked if he approved of Jane Aitchison, who also called Prince Charles “benefit scrounging scum”, labelled the Royal Family “lazy scroungers”, and said 115,000 McDonald’s employees in Britain have “sh*t jobs” selling “sh*t food”. He replied:

“No… if I bump into her while I’m shopping I’ll tell her she was wrong to say that… The justification for Waitrose is the quality of their food is much better than other supermarkets, you’re much less likely if you buy chicken in Waitrose to find it has bacteria all over it… I avoid Tesco because the owner of Tesco helped fund the campaign to abolish the GLC.”

Not exactly surprising Waitrose is the London hard-left’s supermarket of choice. When Ken says you’ve gone too far…

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Momentum’s Wannabe MP on Waitrose “Scum”, “Sh*t Jobs”, Marxist “Class Fighters” and Royal “Scroungers”

Recess seems like as good a time as any for Guido to introduce you to some of Labour’s newly selected Corbynista parliamentary candidates. Meet Momentum-backed Jane Aitchison, who has been selected to fight Pudsey, where Tory MP Stuart Andrew has a majority of 331. The Yorkshire Post have already reported that Aitchison deleted a tweet in which she called Prince Charles “benefit scrounging scum”. Not yet deleted from her Twitter feed are posts calling Waitrose shoppers “scum“, a Labour donor “scum” (sensing a theme here), labelling the Royal Family “lazy scroungers”, enjoying a Russian TV programme calling the Royals Nazis, praising Marxists as “the best class fighters” and saying 115,000 McDonald’s employees in Britain have “sh*t jobs” selling “sh*t food”.

She seems nice. Like a poundshop Pudsey Pidcock…

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