Wallace Not Standing for Commons Defence Committee Chairman

Ben Wallace will not be throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Tobias Ellwood as the Chairman of the Commons’ Defence Select Committee. According to the Express, a source “close to” Wallace says he has no interest in the job, in part because it would involve “marking his own homework” so soon after his tenure at the MoD. Many think he should have got NATO Secretary General, despite ruling that out as well…

Nominations to the vacancy will be restricted to Tories, with the role allocated to the party after the 2019 election. There is speculation Liam Fox is mulling a bid, having missed out on a return as Defence Secretary after Wallace’s departure (despite the briefings). Mark Francois has some support from the Tory right, although given all MPs have a vote he may struggle to get over the line. James Sunderland and Sarah Atherton are also possible contenders. Recent Chinese spy revelations are also thought to have hampered potential bids by MPs affected. The vote will take place after the month-long party conference recess. Some advice for whoever wins: try not to do the Taliban’s PR for them…

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Parliament’s Most Anonymous MP

With so many Tories elected in 2019, it’s easy to see how some have slipped under the radar. For Bracknell MP, James Sunderland, however anonymity has reached new heights. News organisations from the BBC, the Daily Mail, Express, and Radio Times have taken to writing the name of Australian cricketer James Sutherland instead. Even Daily Telegraph journalist Chris Hope has fallen into the Sunderland/Sutherland trap.

Perhaps, however, the fact that no one can remember the Bracknell MP’s name is a positive step. The seat’s previous member was so publicity hungry he had placards of his face blazoned with the words “Great British Hero” made for himself

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