Oh Kay: Burley Empty Chairs Cleverly When He Wasn’t Booked For Her Show

Kay Burley ’empty chaired’ James Cleverly this morning and the video is doing the rounds on social media, with almost 200,000 views it has been – shared by left-wing figures and Labour activists like Owen Jones. The only problem is Cleverly wasn’t booked to come on her show…

Cleverly had been scheduled to appear on TalkRADIO this morning but as he arrived at the Millbank studio booked for his Julia Hartley-Brewer interview, Kay Burley burst in. Guido understands Kay harangued Cleverly for not coming on her show at 8:30, but this was a last-minute booking and got squeezed because GMB overran this morning. He had been scheduled to appear on TalkRADIO at 8:40…

Millbank sources tell Guido that the studios descended into an unedifying shouting match. Guido understands even radio producers could hear Kay’s shouting over the microphone in James’ studio….

Politico‘s media round listing clearly shows that the Tory chairman wasn’t booked to appear on Sky today.

Listen to James’ baffled response here…

Pulling a stunt like this during purdah is a brave move for Sky. Guido hears a furious Number 10 are planning a formal Ofcom complaint…

Tories Trying to Avoid Brexit Countdown Embarrassment

113 days ago, the Tories installed big countdown clocks in CCHQ and Downing Street displaying how many days until Brexit. Rather awkwardly, however, Brexit is now no longer 1 day away, but 93 days away thanks to the latest extension. This is second-hand news…

CCHQ are now fretting over how to address the situation which is sure to rile derision on social media and are considering abandoning the Brexit countdown all together and switching to an election countdown. Meanwhile, Guido hears a whiteboard in the Downing Street Press Office that used to contain a written-on countdown has been erased all-together and replaced with a smiley face. A very forced smile Guido presumes…

CLOCK UPDATE: Day 4, CCHQ clock still claims the UK is leaving the EU in 13 hours…

Cleverly Calls out Fake News on Post-Brexit Rights

James Cleverly Admits Most Tory MPs Can’t Go To Manchester

Tory Chairman James Cleverly has messaged Tory MPs to outline how Conservative Party Conference will work now that prorogation is over and a short recess has been rejected. Presumably, so MPs can argue about calling each other turkeys some more…

His message concedes “it will not be possible for most colleagues to travel to Manchester” before promising CCHQ will try to facilitate “getting as many of us there as possible, even if only for a short period.” CCHQ will be determining which events are “of priority” and, for the MPs it approves, will be reimbursing travel from Monday-Wednesday.

Read the full message below:

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Conspiratorial Corbynista Crashes into Cleverly’s Car

This week a video emerged of the aftermath of a car accident involving Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly and Twitter user ‘Asim Khan’, with Khan accusing Cleverly of being a dishonest liar and “not to be trusted” after supposedly not accepting liability for the collision. However it has now emerged that Khan is not a random member of the public, he’s a Corbyn supporter who re-posts conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Zionism. Unlike Cleverly with Khan’s car, you could see this coming…

Khan – posting on Facebook with the name ‘Sam Khan’ – reiterated his accusation that the Party Chair is “dishonest” and “a liar” on Cleverly’s latest post.

However, an inspection of Khan’s account shows some very unsavoury views on everything from Israel to homosexuality.

Not unsurprisingly given all that, Khan is also a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn, having shared multiple posts from the Leader’s Facebook page.

For someone who claims not to have known who Cleverly was when the accident happened, it’s also worth noting of all the media outlets who covered the crash, the only one he gave a comment to was a small far left website. Something smells very fishy about the way Khan is pretending to be an innocent, random, wronged member of the public…

Cleverly Responds to Brecon By-Election Defeat

Cleverly’s message after the Brecon by-election is essentially “Vote Farage, Get Swinson”. The Tories won’t have to worry about as long as they deliver on 31st October…

Cleverly Backs Boris


Cleverly’s Concession Message to His Campaigners

Finally! An MP who can count…

Cleverly Withdraws

James Cleverly has become the first of the 13 Tory candidates to withdraw. He will now not be submitting his nomination papers…

“Last week I announced that I intended to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party and as Prime Minister.

I felt that we needed to deliver Brexit and then quickly move the conversation on to other important issues that face the country. I had hoped that the Conservative parliamentary party would support me to be the face and voice of that conversation.

To do this I asked them to make a leap of faith, skip a generation and vote for a relatively new MP. It is clear that despite much support, particularly from our party’s grassroots, MPs weren’t comfortable with such a move and it has become clear that it is highly unlikely that I would progress to the final two candidates.

For this reason I have withdrawn from the process of selecting a new leader and will not be submitting nomination papers”

This will pile on the pressure for other incredibly long-shot candidates to withdraw before they’re mercilessly voted down by the Parliamentary Party. And then there were twelve

UPDATE: This means four MPs are now unpledged; Colin Clark, Julian Knight, Stephen Metcalfe and James Cleverly of course.

View the full list here: order-order.com/backers

Get in touch with any updates…

Meet The Candidates: Team Cleverly

James Cleverly enthusiastically jumped into the leadership race last week. Cleverly’s pitch is that he’s the candidate who is best able to win the next general election as someone who “looks different and sounds different”. He’s been hitting the media hard early on – he managed to clock up thirteen media appearances in his first 24 hours in the race. He’s been a popular figure with the grassroots over the years, appointed as the latest Brexit minister, his necessary vocal support for May’s failed deal dented his popularity with Tory members…

Cleverly’s strategy and communications is headed up by his old friend Ahzaz (Az) Chowdhury, who’s taken leave of his job running PR firm Nudge Factory. Jason McKenzie is also on secondment to Team Cleverly from the firm. Leadership campaign veteran Ricky Williams, who worked on Liam Fox’s 2005 bid, is overseeing fundraising and compliance, while experienced former SpAd Paul Holmes is also a key part of the team. Holmes was SpAd for Damian Green, Justine Greening and Patrick McLoughlin, his contact book could help with reaching out to the Remain side of the Tories…

Scottish Tory Colin Clark has been spearheading his Parliamentary efforts. He’s also got Remainer Julian Knight and Leaver Stephen Metcalfe behind him. With 50% of MPs already declared, Team Cleverly need to work quickly to pick up more…

Cleverly is planning to commit to no Brexit extension beyond October 31 and a renegotiation of the backstop, he’s also planning to unveil other specific policy proposals this week which will be costed and audited. Team Cleverly is mulling over the possibility of a more formal launch event when the PM formally steps down as party leader. Cleverly’s energetic campaign is scrapping with Raab and McVey for ‘next generation’ Brexit-backing MPs. Guido hears that activists are being motivated and incentivised with beer prizes for their endeavours. Team Cleverly insist that his unwavering loyalty to May is a product of his military background, and he would pursue a different strategy if he were in charge. Will this be enough to convinced skeptical MPs?

Social media support: Team Cleverly is already doing comparatively well with over 1,633 followers, @JamesCleverly himself has a healthy 48,300 followers. His newly launched Facebook page has some catching up to do with under 150… though he was first out of the blocks with online advertising targeted at Tory MPs and activists:

ConservativeHome members survey: 2.73% (8th)

Ladbrokes odds: 33/1 (9th)

Cleverly’s “Selfie” Surprise

Props to James Cleverly for his cheeky send-up of the Rory Stewart ‘selfie’ genre. Watch to the end…

James Cleverly Jumps In Leadership Race

Guido hears James Cleverly will officially announce he is standing to be Tory Party leader tomorrow, just as a flashy grassroots website encouraging MPs to back the popular former Deputy Chairman of the party appeared online. So far he has one supporter…

Tory MPs’ Brexit Party Tease

Fair to say that some Tory MPs seem more worried about the rise of the Brexit Party than others, Alan Duncan has gone into panic spinning mode against Farage, more level-headed sorts like James Cleverly are pointing out that the Tories should be asking why their voters are switching rather than vilifying them. Some don’t seem to be too upset at all…

Nadine Dorries praised Nigel Farage’s “fantastic interview” on Marr yesterday, Henry Smith told his local paper that Farage was a better leader than May. Lucy Allan hit back at Duncan’s Marr outburst, having already shared the Brexit Party’s election broadcast the day before:

It’s not the first time Allan’s approvingly shared Brexit Party content, while her Conservative-themed cover photo has also recently disappeared from her Twitter profile and ‘Brexit’ has appeared in her bio. Talk of defections is a bit premature but it’s hardly surprising that many Leave-supporting MPs are ashamed to be Tories right now…

Cleverly: We’re Not Planning for a General Election

But they are doing “sensible pragmatic planning”…[…] Read the rest


Tory MPs’ Awkward On Air Moment

There were amusing scenes on Victoria Derbyshire a short while ago as anti-May MP Andrew Bridgen gave a full interview standing alongside the pro-May James Cleverly, only to walk off air before the two could actually speak to each other. Tory Party unity on full display…[…] Read the rest


Cleverly: Obama Trumps Trump

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Shadow Minister’s Bizarre Chicken Rant

Shadow Cabinet member Dawn Butler has been ratio’d for her bizarre rant against Jamie Oliver’s jerk rice. “Your jerk Rice is not ok. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.” Guido appreciates a bit of Jamie Oliver bashing but this is beyond the pale.[…] Read the rest


Cleverly Rules Out Mayoral Bid

James Cleverly joins Justine Greening, George Osborne and Ed Vaizey in ruling himself out of the Tory mayoral nomination:

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Tory Stars Court Young Activists at Xmas Bash

Big turnout at a Christmas bash for young Tories in Westminster last night, where 100 enjoyed wine and mince pies, with another 200 on the waiting list. A dozen MPs came along to the venue on Smith Square; speeches from movers and shakers James Cleverly (who reminded the room of the role of young people in preventing a socialist government), George Freeman and Priti Patel were well received.[…] Read the rest


Kemi and Cleverly Call on Corbyn to Withdraw Whip From Dent Coad

Tory MPs Kemi Badenoch and James Cleverly have written to Jeremy Corbyn calling on him to investigate Emma Dent Coad and withdraw the whip:

Dear Jeremy,

We write to you as former members of the London Assembly, friends and colleagues of Shaun Bailey AM, and Members of Parliament.

[…] Read the rest


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