Tory Activist Scheduled Tweets Imploring Party to End Bullying Before Tragic Death

A prominent and well-loved Tory activist from the North East, who tragically died at the weekend, left scheduled Tweets before her death that have just been sent out, calling on the Tory Party to root out institutional bullying, harassment and intimidation.

Jade Smith – a keen Brexiteer, who appeared on Newsnight arguing for the cause and even got a tattoo saying “I love Boris Johnson” – scheduled a series of tweets to be posted after her death, in which she says:

Theres one last topic I want to talk about before I go and say my goodbyes. And it’s about the Conservative Party. This is the last time I’ll ever have a platform to ask them to change, to beg them for young peoples sake to change.

Back in 2015/2016 I tried to kill myself several times because of the tory party. I was institutionalised due to bullying and harassment I received. I was stalked by the press, the press stood outside my college with cameras. I was an 17/18 year old female who had been bullied.

I’ve always received abuse for being a tory. But the abuse we receive from each other and the older people in our associations is what takes it too far. We shouldn’t have to put up with the bullying from each other. We shouldn’t have to be worried that our friends are going to be raped at conference or at the very least sexually assaulted. We shouldn’t have to put up with creepy weird old men maturating over us or grabbing us to go and chat to their friends and try to take us home at the end of the night. Theres a reason we don’t feel safe at conference.

But today im not here to change your mind, im a dead person saying goodbye from beyond the grave. Spooky right? It seemed very apt for me to post my suicide note on twitter. Please do not morn my death but be happy in the memories and conversations we had. I hold no grudges.

Guido’s thoughts are, of course, with her family and friends at this awful time…

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