EXCLUSIVE: Former Sky News Producer Accuses Kay Burley of Harassment and Bullying, She Accuses Him of Intimidation

A fierce battle between Kay Burley and a former Sky News producer is underway after he accused her of harassment and bullying. Ahead of her impending return in a matter of a few week’s time, the producer accuses her of having a “#MeToo moment”. She has instructed lawyers to try and gag him whilst counter-accusing him of defaming and denigrating her…

Jacob Diamond – who is former breakfast television star Anne Diamond’s son – has published a letter from Burley’s lawyers, Russells, in which her team accuse him of an “unprovoked and malicious campaign to harass, intimidate and smear our client”, causing her “considerable distress”:

“Our client has never “bullied” you nor acted in any similar or like manner to you nor any other individuals.” 

Guido has also seen correspondence from Diamond’s lawyer at One Essex Court to Gill Penlington – Sky’s senior executive producer – which says he has “seen evidence of one of your top presenters harassing him”. Kay’s diva personality is widely felt at Sky. Guido’s sure she’ll have something to say about this…

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‘New Owen Jones’ is Scion of Media Elite

Look out Owen Jones, there’s another younger, prettier, chippy, extremely privileged left-winger on the scene. Public schoolboy Jacob Diamond has been on Sky News this afternoon, telling Kay Burley:

“More people are in favour of increasing income tax to solve the problems in society. That is how you fund it, easy.”

As a borderline Marxist student, obviously Jake knows all about the realities of paying tax. 

Thankfully, Diamond told Sky that he does not want to be a politician, instead he wants to be a journalist:

In an already tough market and extremely competitive field, life is tough for any aspiring young hack.

Luckily for Jake, he’s the son of broadcaster Anne Diamond and telly executive Mike Hollingsworth.

Which has nothing to do with how he’s able to start his national broadcast career whilst still a student…

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