Sadiq’s Serial Rule-Breaking Advisor

At the weekend it was revealed that Sadiq Khan’s top aide, Jack Stenner, broke lockdown rules by staying with his parents over the Easter weekend – ignoring the government’s ‘keep outside while meeting up’ rule. Responding to the story, Sadiq offered a less-than-supportive response, saying he was “deeply disappointed” in his director of political and public affairs. If only he’d kept his family affairs out in public he wouldn’t have got in this political mess…

While readers shouldn’t hold their breath any repercussions from Stenner’s boss (he’s announced he’s departing City Hall anyway after the election), not only is this the second time Stenner’s broken the rules, it’s the second time Sadiq’s failed to offer any defence.

In October Stenner travelled to the USA, taking up working for the mayor from San Francisco just three days a week. Since his return, both the Mayor and the GLA have refused to explain how he was able to visit the US – given that since the 16th March 2020 it’s not been possible for British nationals to enter the USA if they’ve been in the UK, Ireland, the Schengen zone and many other countries within the previous 14 days. London was also Tier 2 when he left.

It’s therefore understandable why a furious City Hall source told the Sun:

“Jack has made an absolute mockery of lockdown rules and everyone who has diligently followed them…”

“He seems to think there’s one rule for the rich and powerful and another for the plebs.”

Perhaps it’s time for a rose garden press conference from City Hall…

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Khan’s £105,000-a-Year Aide Never Worked Outside Politics

jack stenner

Jack Stenner is Sadiq Khan’s new Mayoral Director for Political and Public Affairs, paid £105,893-a-year by the taxpayer. Young Jack is just 28 years old, so he has done remarkably well to land a six figure publicly-funded salary. Especially since he’s never worked outside of politics…

Stenner’s CV would make Andy Burnham blush:

2006-2009: Queen Mary University of London, Politics

2009-2010: Communications manager, Barry Gardiner MP

2010: Field team, Ed Miliband for Leader campaign

2010: Campaign manager, Yes to AV campaign

2011-2012: Director, Labour Friends of India

2012-2013: Head of Leader’s Office, Brent Council

2013-2015: Political adviser, Sadiq Khan

2015-2016: Political director, Sadiq for London campaign

2016: Mayoral Director for Political and Public Affairs

Every single job he’s had out of uni has been in politics. He now has one of the four most powerful jobs in City Hall. What’s the betting he’s parachuted into a safe seat in 2020…

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