IDS: Fighting European Elections Would Be A Disaster
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IDS: This Is a ‘National Humiliation’
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IDS ‘Keeping Options Open’ on MV3

“I am going to keep, and I recommend my colleagues keep, their options open on this, because we don’t know what’s going to happen this week. We don’t know what the alternatives are and whether we vote for this or not depends hugely on whether we are able to leave with no deal or not.”

Guido agrees.

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IDS: I Hope Tory TIGgers Will Come Back
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IDS, Mike Gapes, and Wes Streeting Locked In Prison

Fiona Onasanya isn’t the only MP to be locked away in prison this week. Iain Duncan Smith, Mike Gapes, and Wes Streeting are all spending the day in the slammer to raise money for ‘Every Life Has A Purpose’, a charity offering play opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged children. They each have to raise £1,000 to make bail…

At the time of writing, IDS has smashed through the target to £1,255, Wes is nearly there with £800, but Mike is languishing on just £195. You could go to their fundraising pages to let Wes and Mike go free. But on the other hand…

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IDS on Theresa May’s Brexit Negotiating Style

“Authoritarian? I wouldn’t actually describe the PM as being authoritarian because she doesn’t exactly have a lot of authority at the moment.”

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