Nandy Wins Hearts in Focus Group of Former Labour Voters

Lisa Nandy had a good day yesterday, with Jess Phillips dropping out and securing the GMB’s nomination (putting her just one endorsement away from a place on the final ballot). Focus grouping by Channel 4, however, will have put a final spring in her step. 

Whilst she was clearly an unknown—in comparison to Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry—clips of her feisty Andrew Neil interview went down well with the group of former Labour voters in Birmingham Northfield who switched to the Tories in December. Channel 4 previously ran the focus group in early December and predicted the flipping of the seat…

Rebeca Long-Bailey does not go down as well, the group, were not so keen on Starmer either, calling him “weak”, “boring”, “arrogant”, “a bit like David Cameron” and “corporate“.

Boris remained very popular with the Tory-voting defectors, some of whom were surprised he has continued focusing on policies like the NHS even after the election.

Labour members have another three months to reflect on these findings before inevitably making a wrong decision…

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Unsupported Lavery Backs Becky

With no public support from MPs Ian Lavery has succumbed to the inevitable and dropped out of the running to back Rebecca Long Bailey. So far Emily Thornberry appears to be the only other declared candidate to have no public support from a Labour MP. Not a great start…


Send any updates…

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Lavery Gets Angry Over Crick’s NUM Bung Questions

Ian Lavery got riled up yesterday by Michael Crick’s impromptu interview concerning his huge payments from the National Union of Mineworkers before he became an MP.

Considering his £165,000 pay off bung from the NUM when he went off to be an MP, he was a curious frontman, therefore, for Labour’s new strap-line about the miners being ripped off. As Guido previously reported the incident was reported to the police for investigation…

When he ran the Northumberland branch of the NUM, Lavery received:

  • £73,000 to pay off his mortgage.
  • Nearly £90,000 in a juicy redundancy payment when he went on to another lucrative job as a Member of Parliament.

If he really believes miners are so hard done by, maybe Lavery should give them some of their NUM membership fees back…

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Labour Realise Public Cares About Brexit

The BBC is reporting Labour woke up this morning, saw the results of YouGov’s MRP constituency poll and finally realised the British public care about Brexit. It seems like only yesterday Labour took Sky News to court for describing this as the ‘Brexit Election’…

The seismic poll – which projects the Tories winning a 68 majority – shocked Labour into realising the Lib Dems don’t pose as much of a threat as they originally thought, however whilst their attention has been based in the south, thousands of Labour-Tory switchers means Labour’s ‘red wall’ – stretching from the Midlands to the North East – crumbles; with the Tories set to take key seats like:

  • Wrexham
  • Crewe and Nantwich
  • Bassetlaw
  • Don Valley
  • Bishop Aukland
  • Darlington

In response to this dire news, Labour plan on bringing out the big guns and highlighting Ian Lavery (you know, household name Ian Lavery) who is apparently the only pro-Leave shadow cabinet member. If you live in a Leave Labour area, expect to see more Labour activists pretending to care on your doorstep soon…

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Ian Lavery’s Racism Blind Spot

Last night Labour Party Chair Ian Lavery told a jittery meeting of the PLP that the party could not be “institutionally anti-Semitic” because he himself would never be a member of a racist party.

But is Mr Lavery really best equipped to spot racism when it’s staring him in the face? What did he think about racism when he posed for this grinning photo with his son Ian Lavery Jr. in blackface? Maybe he thought it was just a funny tinge..?


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Ian Lavery Resigns

Labour Party Chairman Ian Lavery has resigned his position as Chairman of his beloved Ashington Football Club. The club are in a financial mess and are expected to be declared bankrupt next week. This is despite over £1m of taxpayers’ money being spent on the club by a controversial firm with links to Lavery. Lavery is no stranger to financial misadventures – he is still facing questions over the £165,000 he received from a trade union he ran before becoming an MP…

It is unclear at the moment if Lavery will remain a director of the club along with his political aide Mark Fitton. If evidence of ‘unfit conduct’ is found, the national chairman of the Labour Party could potentially be disqualified from being a director of companies in the future. It wouldn’t be the first company to go under as a result of Labour’s stewardship…

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