Labour MPs Rub Shoulders with Expelled Champagne Socialists

Good times were had by all at the Wansbeck Constituency Labour Party dinner on Friday. The all-star lineup included local MP Ian Lavery, his parliamentary colleagues Graeme Morris and Kate Osborne, Mick Lynch, and Labour’s North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll. All raising their glasses to champagne socialism.

It must have been awkward for Jamie Driscoll, though. He happened to share a table with ex-Labour members expelled for links to proscribed communist group Socialist Action, including Holly Waddell and his former campaign chief Tony Pierre. Presumably Driscoll made amends with Pierre after airbrushing him from history on social media…

Breaking bread with suspended socialists? People have been kicked off Labour’s candidates’ list for less in the last few weeks…

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Ian Lavery Begs Speaker to Protect Him from Lee Anderson

Another vintage Commons clash last night between Lee Anderson and Ian Lavery, with Anderson once again accusing Lavery of “stealing money” from the miners, and Lavery getting so upset he actually asked Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans to “protect” him from Anderson. Not a demand Evans took to kindly…

Anderson: Does he think that any Opposition Member who has received a donation from the RMT should put that money in a pot to help people who suffer during next week’s rail strike? Does he also think that other MPs who have stolen money from the mineworkers—165 grand in the case of the hon. Member for Wansbeck (Ian Lavery) —should pay it back?

After eventually convincing Anderson to withdraw the remark, Evans turned his attention to Lavery:

Lavery: On a point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. You have been in the Chair three times when the hon. Member for Ashfield (Lee Anderson) has made allegations. He withdraws his ridiculous remark and consistently comes back to say it again. As Deputy Speaker, you are not protecting the likes of myself. I need your protection.

Evans: Order. Do not make allegations against the Chair, ever. You saw how I treated Mr Anderson. You just leave it with me—I don’t need lectures on how to do my job.

All this happening in the mother of all parliaments, rather than the school playground. At least it was entertaining…

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Lee Anderson Slaps Down Ian Lavery

Lee Anderson returns to once again slap down misbehaving Labour MPs in the chamber. This time it’s Ian Lavery, who attempted to heckle fellow ex-miner Lee Anderson during a debate on miners’ pensions. Lavery kept his jeering off-mic, interrupting Anderson’s speech by calling him “a scab“. Anderson returned the favour by reminding Lavery he could help miners get a “fair deal” by “handing back the £165,000 he stole from them”…

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Lavery’s Slippery Apology For Vaccine Conspiracy Comments

Following Guido’s earlier story of Ian Lavery’s classic antivaxxer tropes about the vaccination effort necessary to end this new lockdown. The former Labour Party Chairman said:

“It’s absolutely outrageous, why would anybody have any confidence in the vaccine?”

“I have got concerns about how these vaccines have come onto the market when it would normally take ten years and this took four month”

“It normally takes three or four years for this to pass through the regulatory procedures, and it hasn’t taken three or four weeks.”

“Of course I’ve got concerns, massive concerns about this government and the lack of trust.”

Of course, Lavery’s concerns were factually incorrect given most vaccines were first made a year ago, and have been through worldwide parallel trials over the last 12 months to ensure safety and efficacy. A few hours after Guido’s story went to pixel, Lavery has come out with what looks like an almost apology, claiming his words have been “taken out of context”. Guido understands the statement came about after a stern talking to from the Leader of the Opposition’s Office…

A Labour Party spokesperson told Guido the party had “nothing to add” to Lavery’s statement. Starmer’s campaign for a new law to ban anti-vaxxer conspiracies has apparently been replaced by the impression that a quick stern talking to and half apology will do. Another MP caught on Zoom by us later claiming his words “were taken out of context”Guido’s not sure what possible other context absolves Lavery’s parroting of classic antivaxx tropes…

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Labour’s Backbench Undermine Starmer’s Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Fight

This morning Sir Keir, surprisingly for lawyer, called for a new law banning anti-vaxxer conspiracies being shared, claiming they “cost lives”:

“… misinformation will cost lives. We need as many people vaccinated as possible, we all need to give people confidence to be vaccinated”

If Starmer wants to stop the spread of misinformation that undermines public confidence in the vaccine, he may want to get his own house in order. Over the last week, Labour MPs have been lining up in a competition of ‘who can spread the most misinformation?’, featuring defamation, unsubstantiated rumour and wild posturing.

Now Guido has found video footage of Ian Lavery from last week, positing, “why would anybody have any confidence in the vaccine?” and amplifying illegitimate concerns about “how these vaccines have come onto the market”, implying the jabs haven’t gone through a thorough regulatory process. Sir Keir’s welcome to push his anti-conspiracy laws, though he may not be left with many MPs able to do the media round…

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Two Labour MPs Slam Starmer’s Weak Leadership

Labour MPs Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett took part in a hard-left Zoom call yesterday which saw both admonish Keir Starmer’s flaccid statement yesterday afternoon, in which the Labour party called for the closure of Zoos while shying away from demanding the closure of schools. Former Labour party chair Lavery – who in November threatened Starmer with a leadership challenge – ranted:

“And what’s happened today? We’ve been waiting on a comment from Keir today and he’s saying we should have a lockdown. In his comments I believe he’s saying we should be closing zoos – what on earth are we talking about?! Closing zoos and not closing schools? Am I missing something here? Am I missing something?… I cannot fathom it out I’m afraid.”

Trickett joined in the damning criticism, saying “there’s no logic to the position where we now are and hopefully wiser heads will prevail quickly. A country without an effective, challenging, demanding opposition leadership is a country in great difficulty”. Guido is amazed to find himself agreeing with the Corbynista MPs. As Guido wrote earlier, Jeremy Hunt is currently doing a better job at scrutiny than the actual Leader of the Opposition…

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