Tom Newton Dunn’s “Tory Split” Fake News Explosion

The Remain supporting commentariat became overwhelmed with excitement late last night off the back of a report from The Sun‘s Tom Newton Dunn, claiming Brexit grandees IDS and Owen Paterson had created a “big split”, branding Boris’ deal “unacceptable” and ‘exploding’ at Number 10 officials. It could have been a big moment, if it were in the slightest bit true…

In reality Paterson’s comments were about a reheated May deal, not Boris’ new negotiations which he told Julia Hartley Brewer on TalkRADIO this morning he welcomed. Read his full comments about May’s deal in context on ConservativeHome this morning without distortion from Tom…

Iain Duncan Smith similarly shot down the report on BBC Breakfast this morning, saying there was enormous “goodwill” towards Boris’ new negotiations and he has not “exploded” at all.

Guido hears that The Sun didn’t even approach Number 10 for comment before publishing the story. Classic Tom “exclusive”…

UPDATE: IDS has told Guido that he categorically denied the story to Tom Newton Dunn yesterday evening, and Tom admitted that The Sun‘s ‘source’ was not even in the room. Number 10 are pushing back now too, with a spokesperson saying of the Sun’s story “This account is not true.”

Bill Newton Dunn signed a letter to Tusk yesterday calling for any deal to be rejected by the EU in order to force a second referendum. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

ERG Slam BBC Presenter’s ‘Outrageous’ Claim They Would Be in the Front National

Tory MPs are absolutely livid after BBC presenter Jim Naughtie said on Today this morning that the ERG would be in the Front National if they were in France or the AfD in Germany:

“The ERG, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s group, in France would be in the National Front because that’s what they believe and in Germany they would be in the AfD. It’s only because of our system that the carapace of this party keeps them in…”

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has slammed Naughtie’s “outrageous” comments and called for him to withdraw his “misleading and untrue” remarks:

“It’s outrageous for a supposedly neutral BBC commentator to suggest the ERG represent an extremist view. They are in fact representing the majority view of the country – that the UK should leave the EU and its institutions. Conservative politicians who feel strongly about Brexit are decent, tolerant, and completely opposed to racism in every form. Mr Naughtie needs to withdraw his remarks. They are misleading and untrue.”

No wonder people think the BBC is biased against Brexit when they come out with claptrap like that…

UPDATE: ERG whip Mark Francois said that if Naughtie doesn’t “completely and utterly” apologise he should be sacked.

“That is an appalling and disgusting slur on around 80 members of Parliament, I think that Mr. Naughtie should completely and utterly apologise, and if he doesn’t he should be sacked by the BBC. If they don’t sack him it shows what many of us have known all along, that the BBC is an utterly biased Europhiliac organisation.”

Friday Caption Contest (Conviction Politicians Edition)

Entries in the comments…

IDS Will Not Vote For May’s Deal

Why The ID(e)S of May Never Happened

Following Iain Duncan Smith’s surprisingly mellow meeting in Number 10 last night, Government whips have helpfully organised an action day in his increasingly marginal constituency this weekend. How kind of them…

UPDATE: IDS gets in touch to say the “action day” was in the diary long ago. As if he could be bought off…

IDS: Government Losing Great Benefit of Universal Credit

IDS: Remain Rebels Plunging Knife Into Heart of Government

IDS on Remainer customs union rebels:

“Leaving the customs union was in the manifesto – this is a very big issue if they’re deciding to break this because they plunge a knife into the heart of government, and particularly the Prime Minister.”

May should get on with it and face down the Tory Remainers threatening to put Corbyn in Number 10…

IDS on Juncker

IDS responds to Juncker’s pints analogy earlier:

“Mr Juncker knows a little bit more about the bar than perhaps many of us do.”

Mogg and O-Patz Grumbling, IDS and Redwood on Board

The likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Owen Paterson are grumbling about May’s speech – the Mogg articulated their concerns on Newsnight about free movement and ECJ oversight continuing during the transition. Other hard-to-please Brexiter backbenchers are satisfied though, IDS says he can live with the transition so long as it is time-limited and John Redwood has given his backing:

As Guido has said since June, most Tory Brexiters are fine with a transition so long as it is time-limited to two years and the end destination is fully out of all the institutions of the EU. The question that matters is what our future relationship with the EU will look like, at some point May has to give an answer that satisfies Leave voters and Cabinet ministers…

Raab and IDS Join Budget Revolt

Dominic Raab says he is “not keen” on the NICs rise: “I don’t like this”. IDS has meanwhile compared it to the George H.W. Bush “read my lips” moment. By Guido’s lunchtime count there are now 12 Tory MPs who have publicly come out against the hike, full list here.

IDS: “Pompous” Ivan Rogers “Not God Almighty”

IDS sensibly says Westminster needs to calm down about the “sour grapes” of “pompous” Ivan Rogers: “He’s not God Almighty”. He has a point. Rogers was by many accounts an experienced civil servant respected in Brussels, yet his pessimism was also majorly responsible for Cameron’s failed renegotiation and his heart was clearly not in it. As Sky News illustrate, his resignation letter is more than a touch self-obsessed:

Rogers will no doubt go and make some money somewhere else, handing over to a committed successor who actually wants to help with Brexit. Which is hardly a bad thing…

BLUE ON BLUE: IDS Condemns Ros Altmann


IDS has condemned his former junior DWP minister Ros Atlmann for her tweet this morning saying voters should not defy Remain MPs. He tells Guido:

“This is a very strange statement. The EU referendum is about the British people having a say over our future, yet a Government minister now seems to be suggesting that they should just obey their MPs – that voters have no right to their own opinions. I believe MPs are there to serve their constituents not, as Ros Altmann believes, to be served by them.”

No love lost there of course. But doubt you’ll see any Remainers defending Ros on this…

UPDATE: Ros apologises:

We know what she really thinks…

Saj ‘Privately Said He Wanted to Leave’

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Sajid Javid sounded as if George Osborne had forced him on to the Today programme to tell us why Brexit would cost half a million jobs, like a 1930s show trial for revisionism. Afterwards IDS revealed Saj had privately told him he wanted to Leave:

“On this programme Sarah got an incredible admission from Sajid Javid, who I’m deeply disappointed in by the way, having privately said how much he wanted the UK to leave the European Union he’s now on defending this report…”

Remember, not six months ago Saj was openly attacking the official Remain campaign…

IDS on the Treasury


“The worst thing we have in Britain is the Treasury.”[…] Read the rest


IDS on Cameron and Osborne

IDS on Cameron and Osborne:

“I don’t think anybody arguing for ‘in’ now believes a word of what they’re saying… The government is asking you to sign up to a reformed European Union but nobody believes there has been reform, so the government position is now a false one….[…] Read the rest


Tearful IDS Breaks Down During BBC Interview

Filmed in December, well before his resignation, before the cynics cry foul. Anyone doubting whether IDS’ moral mission was genuine should watch.[…] Read the rest


IDS on Marr: Full Interview

The most explosive 20 minutes of political television this year so far:

“They are losing sight of the direction of travel they should be in. It is in danger of drifting in a direction that divides society rather than unites it, and that I think is unfair.”

“That is deeply unfair, and that unfairness is damaging to the government, it’s damaging to the party and it’s damaging to the public.”

“It looks like we see benefits as a pot of money to cut because they don’t vote for us.”

“There needs to be a greater, collegiate sense on how decisions are made.

[…] Read the rest


Civil War at DWP

Pensions minister Ros Altmann stabs IDS in the front:

“I am extremely shocked by the news of Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation and the way he has behaved… I simply cannot understand why he chose to quit like this when it was clear that Number 10 and the Treasury had told him they were going to pause and rethink these measures.

[…] Read the rest


Cameron’s Letter to IDS

[…] Read the rest


Fraser Nelson Contextualises IDS Exit

[…] Read the rest


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