LISTEN: Humza Yousaf Says “Being a Father” Is What Differentiates Him From Sturgeon

Humza Yousaf seems to be getting desperate in his attempts to put ground between himself and Sturgeon. At the Edinburgh Fringe, Iain Dale asked the First Minister what differentiated him from his predecessor. As someone so vociferous in his opposition to the ‘continuity candidate’ label, you would think Humza could come up with a major policy divergence or shift in strategy. Apparently not. The main point of difference Humza could muster was “being a father”…

The First Minister continued:

“For me, how will I differentiate myself? Look, I’m different to Nicola. There’s lots of things we share in common, but, you know, what drives me is not just being the First Minister, but being a father of two girls and I try to look at how I can improve their lives and the lives of actually all of our future generations”.

As Andrea Leadsom found out, making political capital out of parenthood can be unwise in the most favourable circumstances. It goes without saying, Nicola Sturgeon’s personal history doesn’t help Humza’s case.

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Sturgeon Insists Resignation “100 Per Cent” Had Nothing to Do With Police Probe

Nicola Sturgeon has told LBC’s Iain Dale that her resignation as First Minister of Scotland “100 per cent” had absolutely nothing to do with the police inquiry into the SNP’s finances. Nothing. Zero.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this afternoon, Sturgeon rejected claims her sudden resignation – which came just weeks after she claimed to have “plenty left in the tank” – was influenced by the ongoing probe which led to her arrest last month… along with the arrest of her husband Peter Murrell and former SNP Treasurer Colin Beattie. So what caused her to change her mind so quickly? Sturgeon claims she doesn’t know. Apparently “It must have been in [her] subconscious somewhere”…

Nonetheless, she assured the crowd she was telling the truth when she said she had “plenty left“, “until suddenly [she] didn’t“. She also claimed to have no knowledge the police were about to knock on her door and arrest her. Until suddenly she did…

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LISTEN: Seb Payne’s Tory Candidacy Non-Denial

It may only be Seb Payne’s first week in the driver’s seat at Tory think tank Onward, although that hasn’t stopped the obvious speculation about what might come next. Appearing on Iain Dale’s All Talk podcast this week, Payne was noticeably evasive when questioned on what his long-term plans might well be. Arriving armed with “a variety of Boris Johnson-esque answers ready” to swat away the speculation – hint hint…

“…I think what I would say is I’ve got this really good opportunity at Onward, that is my singular focus at present. And who knows what the future will bring… I am fully focused on Onward…”

Dale wasn’t letting him off, with Payne eventually conceding “the reason that I’m saying what I’m saying, Iain, is because I have just started a new job, and talking about what I might do in the future is not helpful towards the new organisation.” He did at least add that when he ran to be college president at university, he used “No Payne, No Gain” as his slogan. Might come in handy again at some point…

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Ruth Davidson: Boris Said Being Foreign Secretary Was Like Being In a “Steel Condom”

Never one to go soft on her criticism, former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has once again let the world know her unguarded views of the PM. Speaking to Iain Dale during his Edinburgh Fringe show last night, Davidson claimed:

“[Boris] once described being Foreign Secretary to me as like being enclosed in a steel condom. I found it odd because I hadn’t asked him. I think he meant the amount of attention he had from Civil Servants to make sure he didn’t say anything. Imprisoned in a steel condom is what he said. I’ve never heard that as a phrase […] it would certainly affect performance, but this is not my area of expertise as I think you’ve already covered.”

Inevitably, Dale shot back with “I’m quite surprised that Boris Johnson knows what a condom is”…


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Dale Duped by Twitter Meme

Cringe moment from Iain Dale on his LBC local election results show last night as he recounted a voter anecdote about an elderly voter to Jon Ashworth. Just one problem: it was a very long-running Twitter meme…

“I was seeing someone on Twitter earlier saying that they went into the polling station and a 95-year-old lady was there saying “where can I cast my vote on beergate” and she got a round of applause from other people. I don’t know where that was.”

For those uninitiated, the meme was born on polling day for the EU referendum in 2016, when one Brexiteer Twitter user “over-egged the anecdote for a few retweets. Prompting immediate parodies

There but for the grace of God go any of us, though very sporting of Iain’s producer to share the gaffe on Twitter. Older co-conspirators may also be interested in Guido’s previous explainer on the other key related internet term, “sh*tposting“…

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Westminster Village Wankathon

Iain Dale on Sky News:

“They’re obsessed by people going on Sky News which has the most minuscule audience you can imagine. I’ve never understood that, why do they do that when they’re talking to essentially a Westminster village wankathon, where only people in the media and politics actually watch it.

Ordinary people do not watch Sky News; they might have it on in a hotel room if they’re in a hotel, but how many normal people have Sky News on at home during the day or the evening? I would venture to suggest very few.”

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