Benn’s DExEU Committee Mutiny

Hilary Benn faced a point of order from Tory MP Craig Mackinlay during his DExEU committee’s questioning of Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay this morning. Mackinlay pointed out that Benn had hogged 20 minutes of questions, without giving the dozen other committee members any time to speak.

“I’m just wondering what we’re doing here. You’ve had the floor now for 20 minutes, I doubt there is any other member of this committee who will have the floor for 20 minutes during this discussion this morning, and I would welcome an opportunity for others to speak.”

Brexit Hero Andrea Jenkyns then chipped in calling in to question Benn’s suitability to chair the session at all.

“And you, with respect, are rather biased because you were pushing the Benn Act through, so I would personally like to see the Chair resign.”

All of which Benn promptly ignored and ploughed on with his questions…

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Hammond Himself Said Voting Leave Could Lead to No Deal

The latest mendacious line to come from the hard Remain camp is that “nobody was told that voting Leave could lead to no deal”, with Philip Hammond going into overdrive this morning and claiming it is a “total travesty of the truth”. The problem is, as usual, it’s the Remainer line that is a “total travesty of the truth”.

Change Britain have looked at what Remainer politicians actually said and, surprise surprise, everyone from David Cameron and George Osborne to Dominic Grieve and Hilary Benn repeatedly warned voters that voting Leave would lead to Britain leaving the EU after two years, deal or no deal. Along with a certain Rt Hon. Philip Hammond M.P. at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons…

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Bercow Selects Grieve’s New Anti-Brexit Amendment

In the most predictable development of the day, Bercow has selected Grieve’s beefed-up anti-prorogation amendment, despite it being even more contrived than the version that was rejected by Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing last week. There’s a sizable number of Tories who have put their name to it already, former minister Alastair Burt co-sponsoring the amendment with Hilary Benn despite not even rebelling on the weaker Grieve amendment last week. Wonder what Jeremy Hunt thinks about one of his leading supporters co-sponsoring an amendment as hostile as this?

The Tories are expected to put a ‘hard three-line whip’ against the amendment, rebels think they’ve convinced ministers to abstain. Even with less than a week left, May surely can’t allow Cabinet Ministers to flagrantly flaunt a three-line whip…

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Hilary Benn: I Will Stop a No Deal Brexit

Justifying overturning the result of the referendum because he argues it will lower the rate of growth in the UK economy. Guido looks forward to Benn applying the same logic to his own party’s socialist policies…

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Another Benn Coup Rejected after Commons Vote Tied

The Commons remarkably tied – the first time since votes over Maastricht 26 years ago – with MPs split 310-310 over whether to allow Hilary Benn to take over Parliament again next week. Because all the previous times have worked so well…

To the surprise of many, Bercow actually cast his deciding vote against the coup – as convention to back the ‘status quo’ option strictly dictated he should do. Bercow himself acknowledged the principle for the Speaker “not to create a majority that does not otherwise exist”. Brexit never ceases to surprise…

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Hilary Benn Extends Parliamentary Coup Into Next Week

Fresh from tasting blood with a 27-vote majority in last night’s vote on their amendment to hijack Parliament, Hilary Benn and Oliver Letwin have now published their business motion to hold indicative votes tomorrow – as expected it’s their comrade-in-arms Bercow who will be deciding exact what MPs are allowed to express their “preferences” for tomorrow. Now the motion reveals reveals that Benn and Letwin will also be taking over Parliament next Monday as well.

It will not be the last time this happens. An unelected shadow Government of backbench MPs breaks the thread of democratic accountability with the public, they cannot be called to account at the Despatch Box in Parliament, they do not have to respond questions, FoI requests, and they cannot be held accountable as a coherent entity at the ballot box. The Remainer coup has begun…

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