LibDems Hide North Shropshire Candidate’s Remainer Zeal

While the LibDems rejected proposals for a cross-party, independent anti-sleaze candidate in the upcoming North Shropshire by-election, they’re clearly worried local voters might not see them as the halo-wearing paragons of virtue and democracy they’re trying to project. While local voters backed Brexit in 2016 with a whopping 60%, their attempts to overturn the result for four years arguably damaged trust in politics more than any of Owen Paterson’s actions. Their candidate, Helen Morgan, was previously found on the LibDem website boasting about her anti-Brexit credentials:

“Her broad commercial experience has convinced her that remaining in the European Union is best for British businesses, both small and large, and crucial for the future of Shropshire farmers. She has been an enthusiastic campaigner for Remain since 2016.”

Co-conspirators, however, won’t be able to find Helen’s ‘about’ page on the LibDem website anymore. Anyone attempting to learn about Helen is now automatically redirected to her new by-election campaign website, which is notably devoid of any information about the candidate. Guido could only find the previous information via¬†Wayback Machine. While the LibDems are clearly trying to look¬†shiny and virtuous for this Brexit-loving electorate, the internet never forgets…

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