Heidi Allen Joins LibDems, Her Fifth Party Since February

Congratulations to the LibDems on recruiting Heidi Allen as their nineteenth MP. They should be warned this will be her fifth party since February. So don’t assume it is permanent. Particularly if there is an election next month…

The Tories won 51% of the South Cambridgeshire vote in 2017, hard to tell how much personal loyalty she commands in the constituency. She needs quite a swing to the LibDems at the next election, given they won only 18% of the vote last time. The video above of broken promises and lies since 2016 has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Good luck Heidi…

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By-Election: Heidi Alexander Quits Parliament

Another Labour moderate says they’ve had enough. She is going to be Sadiq Khan’s deputy mayor. 21,000 majority in Lewisham East…

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Heidi Bye? No Comment on Labour MP Quit Rumour

Last night the Guardian reported that Labour MP Heidi Alexander is “seriously considering” quitting the Commons for a job at City Hall. This morning the Corbynista site Skwawkbox (health warnings apply) say she is to step down. Labour’s press office say they aren’t commenting and that Guido should speak to Heidi. Calls to her mobile, Westminster and constituency office phones are going unanswered. By-election?

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Labour Remainers Call For Permanent Transition to Reverse Brexit

Yesterday Labour’s Heidi Alexander, the MP who tried to block the triggering of Article 50 in January, confirmed that Remainers are seeking a permanent transition to prevent Brexit:

Richard Madeley: “Do you secretly hope that the four years turns to six years, and then eight years, and then ten years and then we just gradually drift into a kind of a half way house relationship?”

Heidi Alexander: “I think that if there isn’t a better offer on the table then staying in the Single Market and Customs Union permanently would be the right thing for the country.”

A never-ending transition that keeps us in all the institutions of the EU and buys time for a second referendum has been telegraphed as the key Remain strategy since the turn of the year. As Guido wrote in January:

“Remainers see this as their golden chance. If the transition takes years, during which Britain remains in the single market, essentially in the EU, Remainers can buy time to argue for a second referendum or try to prevent a real Brexit.”

The ultra-Remain CBI proposed the same last month, consistent with the permanent transition plan. At the time we noted:

“One of the most senior Remain figures from the referendum told Guido himself they wanted a lengthy transition lasting years, by which point they hoped the public mood had changed and Brexit could be prevented.”

Now you are getting prominent Labour Remainers saying this publicly, from Heidi Alexander to Stewart Wood:

“I think if I was a Brexiter I’d be worried that over the next three of four years if a transition deal lasts that long that other circumstances will change and the will to move on from transition stage to full Brexit might be less present than it is now. I think that’s definitely a possibility.”

And Stephen Bush:

Which is why the government must ensure the transition is strictly time-limited and as short as possible, ideally one or two years. Can’t say Remainers haven’t warned you…

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Shadow Health Secretary Breached Data Protection Act

Doh! Just two days into the job and Corbyn’s new Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander has been censured for breaching the Data Protection Act. Heidi was investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office after she was reported by a constituent who is suing her for “harvesting” his email and sending him “spam” messages. The ICO found in his favour:

ico heidi hi

Ian Dunmore, the man who reported Heidi, says he was inundated with regular updates of her “brilliant achievements” after he sent her a question via email. Let’s hope she would be less blasé about the private records of NHS patients…

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