Angry ‘Kipper: Sorry For Swearing… “Cameron Still Chicken Sh*t Though”


After he was elevated to the level of Famous For Westminster for his NSFW review of last night’s Channel 4 drama, Guido can reveal the seriously angry ‘Kipper is one Harry Mason. And he’s released the following statement:

“I would like to apologise if I offended anybody with my language. I was so fuming last night I said things without thinking about them! and can quite understand how i can come across as foolish. I am now aware a documentary came out in 2009 called When boris met dave about the bullingdon club. But back then it was only between labour, libs and conservatives so no matter what the same puppeteer would be in power. Seen alot of green party members getting angry with me. I did not mean the green party was run by bankers i was talking about the mainstream parties. The only reason the greens are getting more members and more attention is because the conservatives and labour are wanting to put more parties in the lime light to dilate the attention from ukip. Cameron is still chicken shit though for a debate… So I apologise if I’ve offended you with my language hopefully I’ll do more videos in the future more intelligently than this one was done.”

Guido hopes this is not the end of Mr Mason’s fledgling vlogging career and is looking forward to his further erudite analysis of the general election campaign…

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