Verhofstadt: Ukraine Invasion Caused by Brexit

Guy Verhofstadt speaking to LBC this morning:

A united Europe, certainly on defence matters, would make an enormous difference. I think maybe without Brexit maybe there was no invasion.”

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Sir Keir Calls His Flagship Policy a “Sticking Plaster”

Whilst Sir Keir is out in Davos, schmoozing global elites, he’s been bringing out all his usual party tricks of political point scoring, cosying up to Europe and changing his mind on his own positions. Starmer was speaking at a panel yesterday called “Repowering the World”, where he pledged an end to North Sea investment and, of course, took the opportunity to hit out at Rishi for not making the 700-mile flight to the ski resort. Captain Hindsight also reared his head again, this time over the Government’s approach to the energy crisis:

“We have capped, frozen, energy bills for the vast majority of people across the country and we’ve funded that with a form of windfall tax on oil and gas companies, particularly in the North Sea. But that is only a short-term solution, it’s what I call a sticking plaster solution” 

For co-conspirators suffering with short-term memory loss, these were the very policies he was repeatedly championing just months ago.

Sir Keir had a lot to say about the EU, he’s been repeating calls for closer trading relations and regulatory alignment – read more red tape. Though he’s not touching free movement or single market membership with a barge pole. If there’s one thing we know about Sir Keir, he always sticks to his pledges…

His Brussels charm offensive seems to be working, the i splashes with the claim that the EU is “aching” for PM Starmer, quoting remainiac heartthrob Guy Verhofstadt. That’ll go down well in the Red Wall.

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Farage Hits Back at Verhofstadt’s Russian Collusion Smears

Arch Europhile Guy Verhofstadt was back on the airwaves today to once again accuse Nigel Farage of cheerleading for the Kremlin and “colluding with Putin” during his time as an MEP. This is currently the core theme of those whom are irreconcilable to Brexit. Appearing on LBC this morning, host Nick Ferrari challenged Verhofstadt to explain exactly how Farage had gone about this so-called “collusion”, to which Verhofstadt said:

“He was simply defending the positions of Russia, and denying in fact, Ukrainians and Belarus and Georgians and Moldova to choose their own paths to democracy… every extreme right-wing politician in Europe has one or other link with Russia and with Putin… [they’re] cheerleaders… They’re paid… now they are denying it.”

Never one to back down from a fight, not least from his old pal Guy, Farage immediately hit back:

“The only people who colluded with Putin are the EU idiots who still keep buying his gas and oil.”

Once again, the tangible evidence for Guy’s claims was mysteriously absent, and as of yesterday, EU states and firms are still buying oil from three Russian companies, even after the latest “transaction ban” sanctions. The EU states are literally funding Putin’s war-machine…

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Guy Verhofstadt’s Brexit Resentment

In June last year, Remainer heartthrob Guy Verhofstadt attacked the EU for allowing “the world to burn” while negotiating Brexit:

“We should be defending our shared interests against emboldened autocrats and other challenges, and uniting behind our liberal-democratic ideals.”

“Yet precisely at this time we are divided and distrustful of each other.”

One would presume now Brexit’s done and dusted Guy’s busy enjoying the freedom to focus on things that matter: Russia, constituents’ cost of living, Covid, international trade. You’d be wrong…

Last night, Ben Judah checked in on the Boris-hating MEP and found he’d made three tweets, all about the UK, in the previous 24 hours: an Express cover about Brexit, one about Tory finances and another about Sue Gray’s report.

Judah accurately observes that Guy’s constituents may be rightly miffed to see their representative in Brussels so obsessed with UK affairs and chasing retweets on social media instead of focusing on things relevant to their lives. Guido just hopes for Guy’s mental health that he one day will be able to put his Brexit resentment behind him…

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Verhofstadt’s Olympian Spinning

Guy Verhofstadt has tried putting a brave face on EU member states’ underwhelming performances at the 2020 Olympics, claiming if the EU were a nation-state in of itself its record would be more impressive:

Given this is the first Olympics since Brexit, Guido points out that were Britain still members the EU’s medal total would be a whopping 25% higher. We were always propping them up…

We’re also currently totaling the same number of gold medals as our nearest two EU medal table neighbours, France and Germany, combined. Guido will leave it up to Guy to tot up the Commonwealth…

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Guy Verhofstadt Comes Out as “Europe’s Most Vocal Critic”

Patron saint of the Europhiles, Guy Verhofstadt, has told followers “If you believe in Europe, if you love Europe, it’s your duty to be the most vocal critic”, describing the EU’s vaccine roll-out as a “fiasco”. Stark contrast to the hilarious Guardian op-ed this morning which argued the UK’s vaccine rollout success is an “illusion” and we should admit the EU is doing better…

Verhofstadt argues the fault of Europe – given it is a world leader in vaccine manufacturing, however sees most of its supply go abroad – lies with the contract negotiators in the Commission with the pharmaceutical companies, claiming that after reading the contracts:

“It becomes immediately crystal clear… where the origin of our vaccination problems come from. These contracts are extremely unbalanced… they are extremely weak and vague on supply and timing.”

While Covid has seen the air industry decimated, it seems flying pigs are in abundance…

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