Verhofstadt Sorry to See Britain Go

Whilst he had warm words for Britain, Verhofstadt went on to prove exactly why Britain voted to leave – as he argued if only there had been closer union and fewer opt-outs for Britain, Brexit wouldn’t have happened. Even now, Europhiles are completely clueless…

Farage expected to speak around half past; in the meantime he’s already making proceedings rowdy…

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Verhofstadt Accidentally Attacks Remainers for Seeking EU Citizenship

Increasingly deranged empire-loving Remainer, Guy Verhofstadt, turned fire against his own side today, blinded by his hate for the Tories. 

Taking to Twitter, Guy linked to a Reuters article about Brits leaving Brexit Britain for the EU and ranted:

Conservative party donors, backing Brexit but at the same time seeking EU citizenship via Cyprus. Pardon my French but ordinary British citizens are being screwed over by their elite.”

The article references Tory donors Alan Howard and Jeremy Isaacs who have applied for Cypriot citizenship. If Verhofstadt had continued reading the piece, however, he would have spotted Howard is a long-time pro-EU donor, having given £50,000 to The In Campaign. Isaacs also donated £10,000 to Chuka Umunna in September. This isn’t how you win over supporters of the EU cause, Guy…

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Lib Dems Applaud Call for EU to Become an Empire

The EU Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt took to the stage at Lib Dem conference this evening to claim the EU is “acting too little” and needs to become an empire, to rapturous applause. At least he’s being more honest than previous Lib Dem speakers

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Friday Caption Competition: (Top Hof Edition)

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Verhofstadt: Olly Robbins Asked For Belgian Citizenship

Olly Robbins’ Brussels indiscretions have landed him in hot water again – this time it’s Guy Verhofstadt who’s dobbed him in. A laughing Verhofstadt reveals in BBC4’s new behind-the-scenes Brexit documentary that Olly Robbins came to him and said:

“Guy, can I become a Belgian citizen after this whole thing? Because I don’t think I will return.”

The clip – a teaser for tonight’s episode – also includes one of Verhofstadt’s staffers celebrating: “We finally turned them into a colony! And that was our plan from the first moment.” This is not going to do anything to ease Brexiteer suspicions about the May/Robbins deal…

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‘Arrogant Little Man’: Rosindell Hits Back at Verhofstadt Aide’s “Tory F**kers” Jibe

Tonight BBC 4 are airing a documentary showing the inside workings of the EU negotiating team. The Sun reports that at one point Guy Verhofstadt’s chief aide fawns over him after a conversation with Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, saying:

“I’m most proud of you when you take on a Tory… You should shoot* the f***ers out.”

Rozza tells Guido:

“I didn’t hear anyone say they were going to “shoot me”, but to be frank, I really couldn’t care less what this arrogant little man’s people have to say. We Brits and especially Essex folk are made of stronger stuff. If it’s true, he really needs to calm down and behave like a responsible politician . He represents a failing project and is obviously very bitter, but I will always defend Brexit and our great country against those that want to keep us locked under control of the EU!”

Good diplomacy job from Verhofstadt as ever…

*Could be shoo, audio is not clear.
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