ScotNats Turn on BBC and Greta over Climate Criticism

Greta Thunberg’s made the cardinal sin of climate activism: daring to attack a left-wing government. Asked by BBC Scotland whether Scotland is a world leader in climate change, the 18-year-old opined:

“No, of course there are countries… there are some who do a bit more than certain others, but then again, if we look at it in a broader perspective, I think that we can safely say that there are no countries at least in the global north that are doing even close to what would be needed”

Contrary to Sturgeon’s insistence that Scotland’s climate change legislation is “world leading”…

The interview only came out a couple of hours ago, yet left-wing independence activists are outraged. Some are denying Greta even said words to such effect, despite there being a video in the article. SNP MP Angus MacNeil was one prominent voice, countering the BBC’s headline with “BBC Scotland News is “Not a world leader of reflecting truth in headlines”

Others have questioned why BBC Scotland would focus on Sturgeon’s government rather than the UK government. Shame those devolved powers come with obligations to be held to account…

Greta herself isn’t coming away unscathed. One pro-Indy tweeter who’s previously voiced concerns about climate change responded, “And I don’t regard Greta Thunberg as a world leader/expert on climate change. Just another person with a big mouth opinion.” Verified game programmer Mike Dailly says Greta’s showing a “lack of understanding of the position Scotland is in”

Looks like Greta may be heading for a frosty reception at COP26…

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Greta Says She’s Not Coming & Glasgow’s COP26 Should Be Cancelled

The government is determined to plough ahead with hosting the UN climate conference due to be held in Glasgow this November, despite the fears that the global pandemic will still be raging. The government is hoping for 30,000 attendees from around the world at the conference. You might ask what is it that could not be hosted virtually and save all those jet-setters’ carbon emissions?

Greta Thunberg has told the BBC she does not plan to attend, believes the summit should be postponed, and the UK government – which is hosting the summit – should wait until global vaccination rates have risen. Greta has attended previous COP summits so this will be a blow to world leaders’ photo opportunities. As it stands the government will have to make a final decision on whether or not the event is going ahead in mass-delegate-form soon. Guido suspects they will be trying to ascertain likely attendance rates from world leaders before deciding to go virtual.

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Greta Statue Contributes to Acid Rain

The University of Winchester has unveiled a new bronze statue of Greta Thunberg. Titled “Make a Difference”, it is believed to be the “first life-size sculpture” of the activist, and its £24,000 erection follows the woke university declaring “a climate and ecological emergency in 2019″. Guido is reevaluating his opposition to statues being toppled…

Ironically, the 96th ranked university chose to make the statue out of bronze, the smelting process of which is seriously environmentally harmful, producing wastewater, slag, and releasing toxic metals from copper, silver, and iron to cobalt and selenium into the atmosphere. Smelters also release gaseous sulphur dioxide, contributing to acid rain, which acidifies soil and water. Bronze Greta’s stealing her own future…

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Left-Wing Press Spread Un-bee-lievable Brexit Lies

This weekend the Guardian and Independent both published a whopper of a story sure to set social media and MP’s casework inboxes alight; with claims Boris was to use Brexit to authorise the use of a “bee-killing pesticide banned in the EU” – neonicotinoid thiamethoxam – to treat sugar beet seed this year in an effort to protect the crop from a virus. Greta immediately leapt on the story:

There was just one problem with the screeching Remainer environmental outrage: the pesticide is not banned in the EU and the UK was always entitled to use it pre-Brexit – with 10 EU countries also having issued emergency authorisations for the pesticide since 2018 including Belgium, Denmark and Spain. DEFRA makes it very clear: “The UK’s approach to the use of emergency authorisations has not changed as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU.”

British sugar beet yield in 2020 is expected to be down by 20-25% on previous years due to predation by aphids which have been spreading beet yellow virus:

“The temporary use of this product is strictly limited to a non-flowering crop and will be tightly controlled to minimise any potential risk to pollinators.”

Don’t expect blind, unverifiable Remainer anger to die down just because Brexit’s finally done and dusted…

UPDATE: Reported today in French press France approves three-year use of controversial pesticide

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Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian Politician Christian Tybring-Gjedde has nominated Donald Trump for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize following his role in helping broker the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates – only the third Israel-Arab peace deal since the Jewish state’s conception in 1948. *Popcorn*

Nominations for this year’s prize closed in February, so a successful nomination would see Trump shortlisted for the 2021 competition. 2020’s betting markets see Greta Thunberg tied in first with the World Health Organisation, and followed closely by Jacinda Ardern – none of whom have done anything to broker world peace…

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Greta Thunberg’s Gap Year Comes to an End

So successful has his back-to-school drive been, Boris Johnson has even managed to persuade global skiver-in-chief Greta Thunberg to end her year-long global climate campaign and get back to the classroom. After:

  • leading protests in most major cities
  • Being given the keys to the city of Montreal
  • Travelling around the continent in a Tesla
  • Sailing the sea attending the COP25 climate conference
  • And rebuking world leaders with her infamous “how dare you” speech

Greta is now ready to settle down and start learning about what she’s been preaching. If she sticks at this school thing for another few years she might eventually become worth listening to…

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