Shapps Denies Talks With Chinese to Build HS2
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Shapps: Dom Doesn’t Always Get His Way
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Virtue Signalling Green Number Plates

The idea for green number plates from Grant Shapps is straight out of nudge theory:

This is at the sensible end of green policymaking: it doesn’t cost much, encourages rather than coerces, and will allow people to virtue signal over paying top money for a car that can’t get them to the shops and back… yet.

The Guardian’s political correspondent Peter Walker, however, reckons “giving electric vehicle drivers free parking just perpetuates yet another problem, inequality.” It does seem paradoxically iniquitous to give the richer owners of the most expensive cars lower taxes and driving costs…

UPDATE: It turns out this is a re-announcement of the scheme Chris Grayling unveiled in September of last year. Unlike Michael Green Grant Shapps to simply rename and relaunch something like this…

Reminds Guido of Shapps’ suspiciously similar speech to Chris Grayling over airline collapse. Is this a DfT that is a little too keen on recycling?..

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Government Launch Review into Scrapping HS2

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has this morning announced there will be an independent inquiry into whether HS2 should be scrapped, with a decision made this Autumn on whether the ludicrously expensive project will continue. In some estimates, the ballooning endeavour has been projected to cost over £100 billion. At least unlike HS2, this enquiry will be completed in an expeditious time frame…

The review, chaired by civil engineer Douglas Oakervee and deputised by HS2 critic Lord Berkeley, will look at whether the most expensive infrastructure project in Europe should continue, the benefits and impacts on the North and London, affordability, efficiency, deliverability and its relations with Boris’s planned Northern Powerhouse Rail. In the meantime, work on HS2 will continue in a more limited capacity. Hopefully this review will be the end of the line for Osborne’s vanity project.

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Shapps and Mitchell Plotters’ Dinner Scheduled Tonight

You couldn’t make it up: Grant Shapps’ local Tory association are hosting their annual dinner this evening at Beales hotel in Welwyn Hatfield. Guess who is down as the guest speaker? Only Shapps’ fellow arch-plotter Andrew Mitchell, who spent the summer along with Shapps calling round MPs stirring up anti-Theresa May sentiment. They could probably do with a few glasses of vino to forget the last 24 hours…

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Shapps Mauled in Tory MPs’ WhatsApp Group

Earlier Steerpike reported that Grant Shapps was added to the Tory MPs’ WhatsApp group this morning. Here are a selection of messages to Grant from MPs in the group via WikiGuido’s column in the i tomorrow:

“I’ve added you to this group of colleagues. The summary is WTF and STFU.”

“There are fewer signatures on your list than files sent to the CPS after the election campaign you ran as chairman.”

“Do yourself a favour and wind your neck in.”

“My constituents are demanding we get our sh*t together.”

“Keeping our sh*t together seems the most sensible approach.

“Totally agree on the sh*t front.”

Another MP tells Guido: “It’s so bad, if I were him, I wouldn’t go anywhere near Westminster next week”. Conference and leadership gossip round-up here

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