Gordon Brown Saves North Sea Oil

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The former Prime Mentalist will be crowning his distinguished career as a politician with a speech today demanding the government nationalise the sea. McMental will call for the establishment of a state financed reserve fund to prop up the North Sea oil exploration as prices plummet. He will also argue for tax breaks for the industry in the March budget and call for the government to be ready for nationalisation in the event of the private sector deciding to mothball their operations. Bailing out the North Sea…

This is the same Gordon Brown who levied a 10% supplementary tax on North Sea oil, then doubled it to 20% – taking oil corporation taxes to 50%.

Black gold…

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Former Brown Business Adviser Savages Ed

Former M&S boss Stuart Rose is the latest big business panjandrum to fall in line and slag off Labour. Instead of taking a moment to listen to the words said, Labour types have immediately branded Stuart Rose an evil Tory, as he took a peerage last year. Although, they seem to have some amnesia at another role that Rose has played in his long and illustrious career. As the BBC reported in those heady days of summer 2007:

“Gordon Brown is creating a special council of business leaders to advise him directly as Prime Minister, the BBC’s business editor has learned… Members will be available to Mr Brown to give him advice as and when needed.”

And who was on this council?

Damon Buffini, Permira
Stuart Rose, Marks & Spencer
Tony Heywood, BP
Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco
Arun Sarin, Vodafone
Stephen Green, HSBC
Sir John Rose, Rolls-Royce
Mervyn Davies, Std. Chartered
J-P Garnier, GlaxoSmithKline


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While We Are Talking About Politicians and Food…

Lest we forget when it comes to politicians and food, Gordon had all bases covered:

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Review of 2014: Gordon Brown’s £10,000-a-Week Expenses

The most shared story on the blog this year was Guido’s investigation into the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown. Since leaving Downing Street, Gordon has raised over £3 million to support charitable projects yet has given less than a £1 million to charity. Nearly three-quarters of the money raised has gone on his office and globe-trotting travel expenses that run at over £10,000-a-week. Despite Gordon claiming he does not profit from the arrangement and that all the income goes either directly to charities or to support other charitable public service projects.

The former Prime Mentalist then got very upset when Guido went on the BBC’s Daily Politics to share the story with a wider audience, demanding that the interview be removed from iPlayer. Guido readers can still watch it here:

All that jet-setting meant the people of Kirkcaldy weren’t seeing much of Gordon, so it will hardly have come as a surprise to them when on another foreign junket McMental admitted he saw himself as an “ex-politician”, despite still taking his £67,000-a-year MP salary.

And so, in December, Gordon finally announced he is making his lack of parliamentary attendance official by quitting at the election. With the old media doing their favourite greatest hits, Guido couldn’t resist his own tribute.

So long then Gordon. We shall miss you.

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Goodbye Gordon – Never Forget the Greatest Hits

Gordon Brown will tonight finally announce he is making his lack of parliamentary attendance official by quitting at the next election. This website was taking the p**s out of the former Prime Mentalist way before it was cool, but with the old media doing their favourite McMental greatest hits today, Guido couldn’t resist. Never forget the curse of Jonah:

Or when the day the dam finally burst:

Nor when the public finally saw the two faces of the one-eyed son of a Manse:

So always cherish that expenses video smiling freak-out:

And regret when our nation’s leader was so hated he was booed by its veterans:

This soldier was having none of it:

Calling it ‘Obama beach’ did not help:

But thank you Gordon, for saving the world:

…and for picking your nose live on TV:

We’ll never forget when you forgot you were still an MP:

Or when you took yet another wrong turn:

Nor when the public finally got a glimpse of Psycho Gordon:

And when Andrew Marr asked the wrong bloody question:

And cherish the day Brown finally resigned:

So long then Gordon, you absolute loon. We shall miss you.

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Gordon Brown Resigns

Guido will never get tired of that headline…

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