FIFA Was Doomed

Only a matter of time for Sepp Blatter now…

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Quote of the Day

Gordon Brown loses all sense of irony. The BBC report he says:

“David Cameron is planning to “cling on” in Downing Street after the election.”

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The Graph That Ruins Miliband’s Argument

Even after Labour’s manifesto mea culpa about fiscal responsibility, Ed would still not say he thought Labour spent too much before the crisis. He had his audience cheering as he yelled “absolutely we were right to invest in those things”:

Miliband told the Labour manifesto launch:

“It was the financial crisis that caused the deficit…”

Really, Ed?

The financial crisis caused the deficit that Labour ran in 2002/3?

And grew in 2003/4?

And in 2004/5?

And in 2005/6?

“It was the financial crisis that caused the deficit…” in 2006/7?

And in 2007/8?

Really, Ed?

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Brown’s Bogies Beat Labour’s Election Broadcast

Labour are crowing that with 1,157,834 combined online views, their election broadcast fronted by Tim from The Office actor Martin Freeman is “the most-seen party political broadcast ever online.” That may be so, however Guido would like to point out that as of right now – with combined views of 1,174,959 – the 8 years-old classic videos of Gordon Brown eating his bogies still have them beat. Tasty…

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Gordon Promises Scots £800,000,000… From a Tax on Bankers’ Bonuses!

You could not make it up. Despite no longer being an MP, Gordon is back and making outlandish spending claims in Scotland.

The former Prime Mentalist has told a Glasgow audience that Labour will spend £800 million more in Scotland to “end austerity”:

And here are the fantasy numbers:

That would be the tax on bankers’ bonuses that Labour have already spent 11 times:

Oh dear…

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LISTEN: What Did Balls Say to Brown?

Just like old times…

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