Gloria de Piero’s Former Office Manager Standing Against Her… As a Tory

Labour MP Gloria De Piero will face a tricky re-election battle come the next election and not just because she sits on a wafer thin 441 vote majority over the Conservatives. Her former Office Manager Lee Anderson was last night selected to fight the seat for the Tories. Former miner, De Piero’s office manager, and former Labour Councillor Anderson defected to the Tories just over a year ago, but continued to work for the Labour MP for a time. Awkward…

Shadow Justice Minister Slams Corbyn’s Position

Gloria De Piero has liked a Facebook status from a local Labour member saying that “Jeremy Corbyn would walk blind folded through a burning orphanage to avoid spelling out what his Brexit position is.” Frontbenchers usually try to be more quiet about their disdain for their hopeless leader…

UPDATE: A source close to Gloria has been in touch to say that she “fully supports” Labour’s Brexit position, that she has unliked the post and doesn’t know how it was liked in the first place. Big thumbs seem to be a problem for a lot of politicians recently…

Oh Gloria

Gloria De Piero has, as befits a former TV presenter, produced a campaign video which urges Labour voters to get out on June 9.

It’s not a typo she actually says it in the video. Gloria, the election is June 8…

Gloria De Piero Shopped For Leaflet Expenses

Labour’s Gloria De Piero is the latest MP to be shopped to the parliamentary authorities for blatant electioneering on the taxpayer. Sending out a survey just days before the Dissolution of Parliament, Gloria invites anyone who completes it to visit her in Westminster – somewhat presumptuous for a member defending a 192 majority in May.

Labour Unveil Sexist Pink Budget Battle “Bus”

Apparently Labour are set to unveil their special “battle bus” tomorrow. And the wheels are already spinning: it’s not a bus. It’s a van. A little pink van:

Gloria De Piero, Harriet Harman and Lucy Powell will be put in the back of this van and driven as far away from Labour HQ as possible. Let’s hope Harriet isn’t actually behind the wheel given her previous formWell it gets them out of Wee Dougie’s way, doesn’t it…

UPDATE: It’s a sexist pink van! Last year Labour’s Chi Onwurah declared war on pink for girls:

‘Why should young girls be brought up in an all pink environment? It does not reflect the real world.’

Sounds like a patriarchally patronising pink rolling embarrassment…

UPDATE II: According to the Telegraph:

“At the launch, Gloria De Piero MP, the shadow Minister for women and equalities, thought it was “cerise”, while Ms Harman said it was “magenta”.”

UPDATE III: Tories slam on the brakes. Caroline Dineage MP says:

“The wheels have come off the Labour bus. Getting Harriet Harman to drive around the country in a pink van to try and attract the female vote is as patronising as it gets. This is clearly just another divisive gimmick that the electorate will see through”

Gloria Goes Quiet Over Violence Toward Women

After Michael Fabricant joked in the summer about punching a woman in the throat, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equality Gloria De Piero went all “Dear Prime Minister”:

“Such an overt threat of violence towards women clearly has no place whatsoever in our society. It is doubly shocking, however that this should come from a Member of Parliament. I have no doubt you find such behaviour and attitudes, as displayed by one of your MPs, unacceptable.

As Leader of the Conservative Party it is incumbent upon you to act in this instance and to make clear that there is no home for such views within the Conservatives. As such, the public will wish to know what action you will be taking against Mr Fabricant. I would also be grateful if you would spell out clearly that the Conservative Party believes that threats of violence in any form are unacceptable and that such views will not be tolerated.

I look forward to your response. In light of the widespread public interest in this matter, I am releasing this letter to the media.”

Overnight it has emerged that unreconstructed frothing lefty-lunatic John McDonnell fired up a crowd of Stop the War hippies into a frenzy by calling for ‘bastard’ benefit’s minister Esther McVey to by ‘lynched’. Time for Gloria to kick into action once again as ‘such an overt threat of violence towards women clearly has no place whatsoever in our society’. After all, it is ‘incumbent upon’ her ‘to act in this instance and to make clear that there is no home for such views within the’ Labour Party. Surely that wasn’t just political posturing?

CORRECTION & CLARIFICATION: John McDonnell has got in touch to explain that he “merely reported what had been said by Esther McVey’s own constituents and the quote you attribute to me is absolutely untrue.” So if Guido understands him correctly, John did in fact say those words, just as a quotation from one of Esther’s constituents. Guido completely accepts his explanation though some of our readers think “he’s just a lying lefty who is being disingenuous, he didn’t quote those words because he found them unacceptable, did he?” Hope that clears up the matter.

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Quote of the Day

Responding to Corbyn’s statement that the US should have arrested ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, John Mann bluntly tweeted:

Baghdadi blew himself up with a suicide belt. An arrest might have been slightly difficult in these circumstances.”


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