The Good Ship True and Fair Launched From Westminster

As if there weren’t enough excitement in Westminster, Gina Miller has introduced the new crew of her HMS True and Fair to a room of 60-ish staff and supporters — two orders of magnitude more than her launch less than a year ago. She will take heart from this. If this continues, she will indeed get the five to seven MPs she expects at the next election, and will hold the balance of power in a hung Parliament. Guido wouldn’t want to offend a power-brokering king-maker so herewith a digest of her launch speech givingvoice to people who scream at their TVs.”

We will clean up politics because governments can’t be trusted — they are focused on winning. The complacent and complicit Conservative Party is a cult with no interest in the country. We need a reset, a complete re-think and get candidates who aren’t interested in their career and not weighed down by ego. We will make it against the law for politicians to say things that aren’t true. People are not stupid. We have serious decisions to make. Where are the checks and balances? The NHS is setting up war rooms. It is a stain on us all. It bloodstains us. We must stop playing political games and give consultants money and bring in foreigners to take care of us. Home heating is a human right. Closing tax loopholes will raise £32bn. We reject unicorn thinking and will make this country true and fair again.

In the spirit of constructive advice — to reduce the size of a majority in the next election’s “landslide” you probably wouldn’t want to be standing against Conservatives. And to avoid internal division don’t call your party two names: the True faction will be tearing chunks out of your Fair faction as soon as the election is called.

Perhaps it will never actually matter. And their screaming at the TV will never stop.

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Cost of Living Crisis Hits Gina’s True & Fair Party

Given Gina Miller’s True & Fair Party is yet to stand any candidates, it’s tough to judge how her vanity project has gone down with the public. On the other hand, her party’s accounts, published last night, paints the picture of a business unprepared for a general election in the next two years. Companies House documents show Miller’s balance sheet has negative reserves as of 31 December 2021, the month before she launched. There was just one member of staff, made obvious by the shambolic party launch event…

The last we heard from Gina was her call for parties to scrap their conference Commons recess in light of the cost of living crisis. Party conferences are prime fundraising opportunities for parties. She should have considered having one…

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Gina’s Policy Criticism Should Begin at Home

It’s been six whole months since Gina Miller rocked Westminster with the historic launch of her “True & Fair” party. Since then, the party has gone from strength to strength; winning nothing, getting no press coverage, and going nowhere. Until yesterday…

Last night the London lawyer took to Twitter to accuse the Tory leadership candidates of failing to offer policies tackling the “#CostOfLivingCrisis”, and encourage her followers to vote for the True and Fair Party instead:

A damning critique. Presumably Miller herself has all the answers, then? Well, according to True & Fair’s website, Miller still only has the two same policies she pulled from thin air for her launch conference: one on “cleaning up politics“, and another on electoral reform. Nothing whatsoever on the cost of living, energy prices, or the NHS. What Gina would do about soaring inflation or hospital waiting times is still anyone’s guess. At least we know she’s promising to rename the House of Lords…


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Gina Miller Defends No-Show Party Launch

Following the barnstorming launch of her “True and Fair” party last week, Gina Miller was in front of the cameras again today to explain why just 13 people – five of whom were political hacks – actually bothered to turn up. Speaking on Politics Live this afternoon, Gina revealed the truth – apparently it was all to do with safety:

“it was a virtual event, we were following… with Omicron… we were having a virtual event, and I do find it quite bemusing that apparently with nobody watching online, that they’ve all managed to write it up and write about my speech. So, uh, I think… we did a virtual event. We did the right thing…”

An event in which rows of chairs were laid out alongside snacks and drinks for the attendees who, presumably, didn’t get the memo that it was supposed to be virtual. It was truly and fairly a virtual-ly empty event…

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13 Turn Up for Gina Miller’s Party Launch

When is a party not a party? When it’s being launched by Gina Miller. The QEII centre this morning saw the long-anticipated launch of the latest centrist electoral irrelevance – Gina Miller’s “True & Fair Party”. Gina told viewers that, according to their polling, 66% of people would consider backing a new party – something not reflected by turnout at the event. 13 hacks turned up to the launch. Three bothered to ask questions…

One hack asked what policies the new party has. She proudly announced they total to two, both of which are available on their website: one on ‘cleaning up politics’, which includes promises to end paid lobbying by MPs and introduce a new ministerial code enshrining the Nolan principles (both of which already exist); and another on electoral reform. The difference between the True & Fair Party and LibDems is Gina Miller’s ego…

Gina’s most excitable claim was on the legislation coming from the government at the moment, specifically accusing the Judicial Review Bill of threatening to “silence our voices”, creating an “elective dictatorship”. Can anyone remember why the judicial review bill is needed in the first place?

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Gina Miller’s Hardline Centrist Party Launching This Thursday

Forget rumours of a new Jeremy Corbyn party, this week SW1 will be treated to the birth of an even less relevant, metropolitan party: Gina Miller’s “True & Fair Party”. The launch is to take place at the QEII centre at 9am, and – in ironic symbolism – only the press will be allowed, no members of the public. Miller says:

“The True & Fair Party will advocate for vital changes to the practice and machinery of government and I look forward to laying out the first part of that vision.”

Guido can hardly contain his excitement…

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