Gina Miller Defends No-Show Party Launch

Following the barnstorming launch of her “True and Fair” party last week, Gina Miller was in front of the cameras again today to explain why just 13 people – five of whom were political hacks – actually bothered to turn up. Speaking on Politics Live this afternoon, Gina revealed the truth – apparently it was all to do with safety:

“it was a virtual event, we were following… with Omicron… we were having a virtual event, and I do find it quite bemusing that apparently with nobody watching online, that they’ve all managed to write it up and write about my speech. So, uh, I think… we did a virtual event. We did the right thing…”

An event in which rows of chairs were laid out alongside snacks and drinks for the attendees who, presumably, didn’t get the memo that it was supposed to be virtual. It was truly and fairly a virtual-ly empty event…

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13 Turn Up for Gina Miller’s Party Launch

When is a party not a party? When it’s being launched by Gina Miller. The QEII centre this morning saw the long-anticipated launch of the latest centrist electoral irrelevance – Gina Miller’s “True & Fair Party”. Gina told viewers that, according to their polling, 66% of people would consider backing a new party – something not reflected by turnout at the event. 13 hacks turned up to the launch. Three bothered to ask questions…

One hack asked what policies the new party has. She proudly announced they total to two, both of which are available on their website: one on ‘cleaning up politics’, which includes promises to end paid lobbying by MPs and introduce a new ministerial code enshrining the Nolan principles (both of which already exist); and another on electoral reform. The difference between the True & Fair Party and LibDems is Gina Miller’s ego…

Gina’s most excitable claim was on the legislation coming from the government at the moment, specifically accusing the Judicial Review Bill of threatening to “silence our voices”, creating an “elective dictatorship”. Can anyone remember why the judicial review bill is needed in the first place?

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Gina Miller’s Hardline Centrist Party Launching This Thursday

Forget rumours of a new Jeremy Corbyn party, this week SW1 will be treated to the birth of an even less relevant, metropolitan party: Gina Miller’s “True & Fair Party”. The launch is to take place at the QEII centre at 9am, and – in ironic symbolism – only the press will be allowed, no members of the public. Miller says:

“The True & Fair Party will advocate for vital changes to the practice and machinery of government and I look forward to laying out the first part of that vision.”

Guido can hardly contain his excitement…

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Gina Miller Prepares for Party Launch as Rival Centrist Party Fined by Electoral Commission

The latest electoral commission news proves quite the curate’s egg for radical centrists. On one hand, Renew – the remainer party co-conspirators may know best for getting through two leaders in a year – has been given a £2,800 penalty for late delivery of their 2019 election campaign expenditure. The LibDems also failed to deliver accurate quarterly donation returns, though they dodged any sanctions… 

In more exciting news, however, for any remainiac, centrist readers who’ve stumbled onto the site by accident, it sounds like Gina Miller’s upcoming new party – the True & Fair Party – is close to launching. An email sent out to prospective supporters last night said they’re still waiting for electoral commission approval, though in the meantime she’s laying the groundwork for publicity materials. Gina wants a video showing “that people from all walks of life, across the country, want more accountable politics and policymaking that delivers better outcomes for them and their families.” Any co-conspirators wanting to help Gina’s new remainiac party out can submit an application to take part in the video here. Happy filming…

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Gina Miller Puts Her Foot in It

A jaw-dropping Twitter interaction between Gina Miller and Rachel Johnson went down yesterday without much attention. Miller, who’s just managed to barge her way back into the limelight after announcing the launch of yet another centrist party, asked:

In the midst of #fuelshortages . people desperately worried about rising cost of living / eating / heating, empty shelves – anyone seen @BorisJohnson?”

Rachel bluntly answered Gina’s question…

Guido hopes for Gina’s sake that her new party gets a better comms operation sorted for their launch…

Hat-tip: @JAHeale
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Gina Miller’s Accidental Friendly Fire

Yesterday morning, the government published its response to the review into judicial review. In response, nuisance-maker-in-chief Gina Miller expressed “concern” at the Lord Chancellor’s description of Courts as “the servants of Parliament”.

“I am concerned, however, by the way in which the Lord Chancellor has chosen to interpret it, particularly his description of the Courts as ‘servants of Parliament'”

This is a conventional orthodox legal view. What Gina doesn’t appear to realise is Buckland was, in fact, quoting the submission of one Baroness Hale – the president of the Supreme Court who sided with Gina twice against the government (once around triggering Article 50, and again during the 2019 prorogation). Hale wrote:

“In the vast majority of cases, judicial review is the servant of Parliament. It is there to ensure that public authorities at all levels act in accordance with the law which Parliament has laid down. In only a very few cases does it operate to ensure that public authorities act in accordance with the common law. If Parliament does not like what a court has decided, it can change the law.”

Gina’s taking aim at the wrong target this time….

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