Information Commissioner Closes Investigation into Hancock Snog Leak

The Information Commissioner’s Office closed their investigation into the Department for Health CCTV leak that saw Hancock’s snog with then-aide Gina Coladangelo splashed on the front page of The Sun. The ICO announced this afternoon that their investigation had found “insufficient evidence to prosecute two people suspected of unlawfully obtaining and disclosing CCTV footage from the Department for Health and Social Care”. They shouldn’t have been investigating anyway…

“Forensic analysis revealed that the leaked images were most likely obtained by someone recording the CCTV footage screens with a mobile phone. 

Six phones retrieved during the execution of search warrants did not contain the relevant CCTV footage.  After taking legal advice, the ICO concluded that there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone with criminal offences under the Data Protection Act 2018. 

The ICO has therefore closed its criminal investigation.”

The Sun’s Harry Cole had previously accused the ICO investigation of being a further move along the “systematic decay of freedom of the press”. All kiss, no tell…

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Hancock Squirms Over Gina Affair

Matt Hancock has finally spoken out about his affair with Gina Coladangelo, and it’s not exactly an easy watch. Appearing on The Diary of a CEO podcast with Stephen Bartlett, Hancock claimed he “fell in love” with Coladangelo “quite quickly” – something which was, apparently, “completely outside of [his] control”. That’s the power of love…

Inevitably Hancock was uncomfortable with the topic, clearly unhappy at Bartlett referring to the affair as “casual sex”. He repeatedly asks Bartlett to restart the segment by asking the questions “in a little bit more respectful way”, and seems to think the moment would be edited out of the final interview. It wasn’t.

Finally regaining his composure, Hancock says:

“They weren’t actually rules. They weren’t the law. But that’s not the point. The point is they were the guidelines that I’d been proposing. And that happened because I fell in love with somebody…”

Watch at your own discretion…

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Matt Hancock Writes to IPSO Demanding Censorship

Matt Hancock has written to IPSO demanding they protect his children by stopping the publishing of the picture of him and Gina Coladangelo snogging in his Ministerial office:

Dear IPSO,

I am writing to ask your help to protect my children, following widespread media coverage of my personal life in the last few months.

Now, more than three months after my resignation as Secretary of State, there is no longer any public interest whatsoever in any publication about my private life, or the private life of my partner Gina Coladangelo or either of our families. While a perfectly reasonable case could have been made while I was in Government, there is clearly now no public interest case for invasion of our privacy. I am grateful to the many publications that no longer carry such inappropriate material.

Over the past two days pictures have been published of Gina and I on a private visit abroad. There was no public interest case in doing so. We have also been approached by members of the press relating to our private lives.

Specifically, there is no public interest justification for continued publication of the photograph and video first published that led to my resignation. The continued publication of this picture and video is causing significant harm to our children.

I would therefore request that all media outlets:

– cease publication of any material relating to our private lives, whether photographic or written

– cease publication of the past photograph and video

None of the parties with any knowledge of our private lives will be commenting to the media on these matters in the foreseeable future.

I would be grateful if you could alert IPSO members to our very clear position on this matter, and reinforce the importance of your members’ adherence to the Editors’ Code.

Yours sincerely


That horse has bolted through the office doorway. As for the video of Matt and Gina in Split which was circulating widely on social media after a holidaying Briton spotted them and whipped their smartphone out, asking IPSO to intervene would not make any difference. More importantly, as Matt told parliament after the Leveson Inquiry, when he was the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport:

“Over many centuries in Britain, our press has held the powerful to account and been free to report and investigate without fear or favour. These principles underpin our democracy and are integral to our freedom as a nation.”

The harm done to his children was, as he must know in his heart, a consequence of his own actions. The pictorial reminder disappearing from the papers won’t change that…

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Matt & Gina’s Weekend Getaway to Croatia

Matt Hancock treated his lover Gina Coladangelo to another romantic getaway over the weekend, this time in the port city of Split, Croatia. The pair were spotted sipping wine outside the Lvxor Café on Saturday night. Split? Cynics didn’t expect them to still be together…

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Thangam Debbonaire Slams Matt Hancock’s Affair Whilst Wearing an Oliver Bonas Dress

Shadow Leader of the House of Commons Thangam Debbonaire slammed former Health Secretary Matt Hancock whilst sporting a £65 floral green dress from retailer Oliver Bonas – a store owned by the betrayed husband of Hancock’s lover, Gina Coladangelo. Meta…

During Business Questions in the Commons chamber, Debbonaire accused Hancock of hypocrisy over the Neil Ferguson affair and claimed he’d flouted “rules on procurement”. She added that Hancock was “handing out contracts to dodgy mates [and] let down staff and residents of care homes with his not really a ring of protection around them.” A real dressing-down…

Debbonaire also asked why Hancock handed out PPE contracts to his own pub landlord, owner of the unfortunately-named Cock Inn.  She’s not going to let the government skirt around these issues forever…

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Hancock Lover’s Familial Guide to Sexual Pleasure

Hancock’s reputation is in tatters, with Labour, the LibDems and the majority of the public calling on him to resign. It didn’t have to be this way…

The husband of Gina Coladangelo, Oliver Tress, has helpfully provided some advice to Brits to keep them on the straight and narrow at night. Today the firm he founded, Oliver Bonas, sent an email to subscribers promoting free hand cream worth £8.50 – perfect for keeping the user as slippery as Hancock. 

Even more useful was Bonas’s Guide to Masturbation – published at the end of last month to coincide with “May-sturbation” – which promised to explain “the many benefits that self pleasure has on our health and wellbeing”. Wise advice, clearly unheeded by some…

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