Gillian Keegan’s Teen Transition Lesson Learned From New Education Adviser

As the government comes out against Sturgeon’s trans bill, which would allow 16-year-olds to change gender with minimal effort, Guido was surprised to hear one minister contradicting this message. Speaking to Kay Burley this morning, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said she thought 16 was old enough to change gender, despite even Sir Keir saying it was too young at the weekend. At least she’s not overseeing the publication of new gender identity guidance for schools…

It seems odd that a Secretary of State would deviate so wildly from the government line, however a recent DfE appointment might shine a light on Keegan’s thinking. The Department for Education recently announced the hiring of Russell Viner as their Chief Scientific Adviser.

Russell Viner has spent much of the last decade researching the effects of puberty blockers. Recently a paper of his found that the effect of puberty blockers was “positive for the majority”. His research involved giving such blockers to 12–15-year-olds with gender dysphoria. To be fair to Russell, he did also say that “we are dealing with unknowns” and that further study was “essential”. This didn’t stop the controversial and discredited Tavistock Centre from citing his paper as the justification their decision to give hormone treatment to pre-teens.

Co-conspirators will not need reminding that the Tavistock Centre was shut down last year after an independent review found it to be “inadequate”, with doctors saying it was referring patients onto a gender transitioning pathway “too quickly”. Guido imagines Kemi will have a word or two to say about Keegan’s medical beliefs…

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Twitter Hackers Get Second Cabinet Minister

After the brutal hacking of Education Secretary Gillian Keegan over Christmas, which saw her account fire out dozens of spam crypto links before being wiped entirely, Twitter hackers scored another victory this morning as they managed to get into Chris Heaton-Harris’s account. And Anna Soubry’s for good measure…

Just after 7am, Chris posted a number of confusing tweets calling for the freeing of a person called “mizz”, as well as posting a selfie of a man captioned, imran khan poor p*ki and minecraft roleplayer”. Soubry fell victim to the same scammer, calling someone a “n*g n*g”…

While it did appear Heaton-Harris had managed to wrestle back control of his account a lot quicker than his cabinet counterpart managed – tweeting a confirmation of the hacking – a subsequent tweet about forcing all trans and homosexuals to work behind a bar for 10 years implies that’s not the case.

You would hope the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland had better security procedures in place…

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BBC Fact Checkers’ Health Secretary Blunder

Another howler from the arbiters of truth over in the BBC “Reality Check” team this morning, as they explain in detail just how much nurses are paid and why they are striking… only to claim Gillian Keegan is the Health Secretary:

Must’ve come as a bit of a shock to Steve Barclay, who last time Guido checked, remains in post. Admittedly politics moves quickly nowadays. The article has since been hastily corrected – always keeps the receipts…

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Gordon’s Tax Time Bomb Finally Exploding Will Have Him Laughing

Foreign Office Minister Gillian Keegan was spot on when she told Times Radio this morning that the top rate of tax was a political time bomb left behind by Gordon Brown:

“I always knew that it was going to be a political problem. I mean, let’s be honest, this was a political trap that was set by Gordon Brown in the dying days of his role as PM, right. And I paid the 50% tax. I was in business then. And I remember how devastating it was because actually, it meant you were paying about 65% tax. And there’s something in your mind, which is like, really, you know, only 35% for me? And I’m doing all these hours. I was a business person, then it was set as a political trap…. In theory it [the top rate of tax] should never have been there.”

There is something immoral about the government taking the majority of your income in tax. It is also a disheartening disincentive; reversing this spiteful tax is the correct policy, though this might perhaps be the wrong time. Getting rid of a political tax that was only set up by Gordon Brown when he knew he was likely to be ousted –to hurt the Tories rather than raise revenue – was the right thing to do. Even the IFS’ Paul Johnson thinks in revenue terms “It might plausibly cost nothing at all”. The tax was not about raising revenue – it was about political positioning.

Back in Fife, Brown will be rocking in his chair laughing that his tax booby trap, announced only weeks before he left office, and which was expected to cause problems for his successor David Cameron, has finally exploded in the face of a Tory Chancellor. The fuse wire on Brown’s time bomb turned out to be 12 years long…

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Government Stalls on Covid-19 Alcohol Consumption Plan

Talk about Partygate using up all the government’s bandwidth; responding to a question from Labour MP Alex Cunningham about the Department for Health’s plan to “tackle the increase in alcohol consumption during the covid-19 outbreak”, this afternoon Gillian Keegan revealed the department is currently unable to answer this question. Despite extensive real-world research by No. 10: 

Presumably Gillian’s also waiting on Sue Gray…

Hat-tip: Jack Elsom

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Keegan: If You Can’t Change Your New Year’s Eve Plans Quickly Maybe Think About Them

Health minister Gillian Keegan have a strong hint this morning that the government will be introducing major restrictions after Christmas. Asked by Nick Ferrari whether he’d be able to send out invitations to his New Year’s Eve party she replied:

All I’ll say is there is uncertainty, so if you can’t change your plans quickly maybe think about it.”

Her own plans? She’ll be having a cheese and wine evening…

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