Gerard Batten Banned From Re-Standing As UKIP Leader

Former UKIP leader and ‘Tommy Robinson’ superfan Gerard Batten has been barred from standing again as leader of the party. The NEC passed a motion on Sunday entitled “Gerard Batten has brought the party into disrepute by his actions and associations and should therefore not be allowed to stand for the leadership of the party.” He’s now fighting back with a Twitter poll

UKIP’s NEC has now decided to extend the nomination process. Read their letter to members here:

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Batten: I Don’t Believe The Polls

Guido knows they were wrong in Australia, but this one feels like a stretch…

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Three More UKIP MEPs Defect to Farage’s Brexit Party

Gerard Batten’s alt-right UKIP rump has lost yet more MEPs, with UKIP’s three remaining female MEPs – Margot Parker, Jill Seymour and Jane Collins – all defecting to Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party after Batten defended his candidate Carl Benjamin’s rape comments on Marr yesterday. By Guido’s count Batten’s UKIP now has just four of 24 MEPs elected in 2014 left, the Brexit Party is up to 11…

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Batten: UKIP’s “I Wouldn’t Even rape You” Candidate Is “Not A Bad Person”

“It was satire…”

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Batten on Farage
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UKIP MEPs Join National Front Group in European Parliament

UKIP leader Gerard Batten and two other UKIP MEPs (Stuart Agnew and Jane Collins) have joined Marine Le Pen’s ENF group in the European Parliament. Batten had resigned from Farage’s more moderate EFDD group in December to sit as an independent. The far right ENF group was founded in 2014 following discussions between Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, and consists of a number of quasi-fascist parties across Europe. Guido predicted this move a month ago…

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