Speaking Truth to Editor

There is a lot of guff and nonsense written by hacks about “speaking truth to power” which is often just tweeting rants to followers or berating a minister on air for infotainment. It takes real bravery for a journalist to accuse their editor of two acts of law breaking. Only two days ago an unidentified man clad in tennis whites was pictured in the Sunday Mirror exiting Rachel Johnson’s Notting Hill home, where she had stayed overnight far from her family locked down 185 miles away in Exmoor. No newspaper has managed in three days since to identify the man as Times editor, John Witherow.

Next time some hack starts going on about their duty to “speak truth to power”, ask them why no publication or news show looked into this story. Hardly covering themselves in glory about one of the most powerful men in the media and the sister of the PM are they? Though on page 5 of The Times this morning George Grylls in a Q & A explains the legislation on tennis playing and house entering. That is real bravery, speaking truth to your editor…

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