Open Britain Sack Geeta Sidhu Robb after LibDem Expulsion Over Antisemitic Jack Straw Campaign

The bad news for once-prospective LibDem London Mayoral candidate Geeta Sidhu Robb keeps on coming this morning, as Open Britain – the remnants of the original Remain campaign – have sacked the juice diet entrepreneur according to a new filing in Companies House.

Sidhu Robb was suspended by the LibDems late last night after footage emerged of the prospective candidate using a megaphone to urge Muslim voters not to vote for her Labour opponent Jack Straw because he’s Jewish. Sounds like she’d be happier as the Labour candidate…

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‘Completely Normal’, ‘Not a Politician’ Lib Dem Candidate is Millionaire Politician

Geeta Sidhu Robb is one of the two shortlisted Lib Dem candidates for London Mayor. Today she released a campaign video where she claims she’s “not a politician” and is a “completely normal person like you”. The video is even captioned as “whats it like when a normal woman stands for political office”…

The only problem is she was a Tory parliamentary candidate in 1997, was on the Board of People’s Vote, is the chair of Roland Rudd’s Democracy Unleashed campaign, and is a millionaire who went on a TV show called Rich House, Poor House and described a single mother’s flat as ‘hell on earth’. She even struggled to use a tin opener. “Completely normal” for a LibDem…

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Roland Rudd’s Hypocritical ‘Democracy Unleashed’ Campaign

The latest front for the Remain campaign is presenting itself as a campaign for “Less power in the hands of the ruling elite and more in the hands of the people”. Guido can confirm, however, that the man behind the curtain is the personification of the elite in Britain – Roland Rudd. When Rudd isn’t lounging in his opulent multi-million pound mansion, he’s lucratively lobbying for bankers and big businesses…

Democracy Unleashed’s privacy policy makes clear the campaign is a front for Open Britain, making clear OB runs the campaign’s website. Open Britain (formerly ‘The In Campaign Limited’), lists multi-millionaires Roland Rudd, Richard Reed, and Sangeeta Sidhu-Robb listed as its three directors on Companies House. Ten other directors including James McGrory and Will Straw resigned at the end of 2019 following a bitter boardroom coup

Whispers around Westminster point to Democracy Unleashed becoming a campaign for proportional representation aimed at forcing the Labour Party to commit to this in the 2024 election – despite the organisation not mentioning PR at all in its petitions or social media. A source close to the People’s Vote campaign tells Guido this new campaign is being staffed by the few people “weak enough and untalented enough to capitulate to Roland Rudd for a pay cheque whilst watching their colleagues be literally locked out of their offices and worse.” All is not happy in former Remaintopia..

Sadly, Rudd’s anti-elite, pro-transparency campaign is not transparent at all about its governance structure. Rudd, Reed, and Sidhu-Robb are listed as the only directors of both Open Britain and PV Campaign Ltd, yet the websites of Democracy Unleashed and Open Britain mention no names and include no contact details, beyond an email to opt-out of messages. Consequently Guido has some questions to publicly ask the new campaign…

  • Who chairs the new initiative? What is Rudd’s role?
  • What role do PV Campaign Ltd play in the governance of Democracy Unleashed and who currently sits on their board?
  • Who are “the elite” referred to in their mission statement? Do they include millionaires like Rudd, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Richard Reed and Hugo Dixon?
  • What efforts did you make to consult the 500,000 people on the Open Britain database about the change in direction?
  • What have you done with the hundreds of thousands of pounds raised from grassroots donors that was left in the Open Britain bank account when Rudd launched his coup?

Guido looks forward to receiving answers…

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