Buccaneering Mail Photographer Gary Trotter Dies

Gary Trotter, the Mail photographer who caught self-styled scourge of the posh, John Prescott playing the posh sport of croquet on the Dorneywood lawn when jet setting Tony Blair left him in charge of the country, has died.

Trotter staked out ex-Deputy PM Prezza for days, hiding in the bushes near Dorneywood in Bucks in 2006 before he struck tabloid gold for his paper, the Mail on Sunday. Getting big lump Prescott in the crosshairs of his telephoto lens was a piece of cake for hardened war photographer Gary, who died aged 65. It would probably be illegal under today’s judge-made media privacy laws. 

Gary once said his ideal assignment was: “A small war, a beach and a bar that serves Jack Daniels.” A man after Guido’s heart. RIP Gary.

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