‘Leading GP’ Criticising Government Tests is Another Left Wing Activist

Following today’s briefing and test success, Sky News are running a piece about claims from a “leading GP” that the at-home tests being sent out by the government may be “useless” as people might not administer them properly. Who is Dr Gary Marlowe, a General Practitioner, who thinks he knows better than the SAGE specialists? You guessed it, he’s a left-wing activist.

The article does not mention that trade unionist Dr Marlowe speaks at Labour Party meetings, organised a motion to have Andrew Lansley sacked, is a member of Ross and District Branch Labour Party and active in the left-wing campaign ‘Keep Our NHS Public’. His socialist beliefs would explain why he thinks individuals are unable to put a swab in their own mouths without help from the state…

Tory minister Nigel Adams tells Guido “Imagine my surprise, it turns out yet another medic wheeled out to criticise the government is a Labour Party activist. I’m shocked I tell you.” Classic.

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