Tories’ London Troubles Aren’t Limited to Election Results

Yesterday Guido reported that CCHQ is hiring two new press officers ahead of the next election. No doubt these roles will get snapped up quickly, though down the river at City Hall the Tories’ operation is having greater troubles hiring staff. In January their senior press officer departed to become head of communications at the Conservative Environment Network. Four months on, the role remains unfilled despite local elections. It’s been relisted three times despite a salary offer of up to £47,000…

It’s not just this notable vacancy in their London operation and the local election results signalling headaches for the Tories. Last Friday, Gareth Bacon – MP for Orpington – wrote an op-ed calling for London to get its own dedicated Tory party:

“we must reform the Conservative Party. It’s time for a distinct London Conservative identity, focused on communicating the party’s message and listening to Londoners. Backed by a professional, dedicated campaign team, it can unite MPs, Assembly members and councillors to connect with every corner of Greater London.

We do not need a totally independent party like the Scottish or Welsh Conservatives. But we do need the identity and machinery of one to develop policies and messages that speak to Londoners in every borough. It would stop the silly cycle of building a campaign around a particular mayoral candidate only to disband it post-election.”

Bacon’s not wholly off the mark here. For example, Guido spots the London Conservative Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 12th November 2020. Despite an intervening election in the London Assembly.

Guido has long advocated independence for London, perhaps the London Tories should become more militant and seccesionist, making the rest of the country pay their own way…

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