MPs Begin Returning from Prorogation

Lady Hale only delivered her constitutional blow half an hour ago, but already MPs are returning to Parliament. Not an arduous journey for the cabal of London-based remainers…

Some MPs have already arrived, with Tom Tugendhat tweeting a selfie from the chamber. He is not sure whether being first back now legally makes him PM…

Rupa Huq tweeted that she’s already at her desk, “ready for proroguing the prorogation”

Guido also spotted veteran former Labour MP, Frank Field, arriving at the Carriage Gate entrance at Parliament

As other MPs begin their journeys back to work, the main journey anyone’s worried about is when Boris will be travelling back from New York. PMQs tomorrow should be fun…

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Field To Fight Next Election As Independent

Speaking to TalkRADIO, Frank Field confirmed that if Labour do not select him, he intends to stand in the next election as an independent.

“There are 70,000 electors in Birkenhead, they are the sovereign body, they will decide who is the MP and I obviously wish to fight the seat next time as a Labour candidate, if not I will fight it as an Independent Labour candidate.

… They’re the body who will decide, not a tiny caucus of people in the Labour Party”

Will he really want to go through the punishing process of fighting the next election as an independent? In 2022, Field will be 80 years old…

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Boundary Review Expected Next Month

Guido hears that the Boundary Commission will be publishing their ‘Final Recommendations’ on September 5, now that the DUP have seemingly dropped their major objections, accepting that downsizing the Northern Irish contingent of constituencies was probably worth it to help keep Corbyn away from Number 10. The boundary review began in 2011…

Guido reckons that the Commission’s aim of equalising the size of seats to within 5% of a target number will boost the Tories by some 20 seats by removing anomalies that favour Labour. Guido thinks it cost even more incumbent Labour MPs their seats. Corbynistas won’t be able to resist the temptation to push for sweeping deselections, justified by even very small adjustments to boundaries. Momentum have already scented first blood with the threatened removal of Kate Hoey and Frank Field…

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Red on Red: Field vs Creasy Brexit Bunfight

Check out this rather entertaining red-on-red on the Sunday Politics where Labour leaver Frank Field tells metropolitan remainer Stella Creasy what he thinks of the party’s shift on the customs union. Frank said:

“Are you going to rat on the people’s decision to leave? You come out Stella with all these things, we’ll stay in a customs union, we’ll stay in a single market – the decision was quite clear to leave… in the North Labour voters voted very, very clearly… which bus are you on?”

Labour’s bus well on the road to betraying its core vote…

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Frank Field On Hilary Benn’s Houses

Labour’s Brexit wars spill out into the open as tonight’s EU Withdrawal Bill debate kicks-off…

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Frank Field on Hilary Benn

Frank Field to Hilary Benn in the chamber:

“I always bought my houses, I never inherited them.”

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