PM Won’t Rule Out Another Lockdown

Tory  power couple MPs Esther McVey and Philip Davies managed to secure a sit-down interview with the PM, set to be broadcast in full during their show tomorrow, in which the PM says he cannot rule out another lockdown. Guido reckons the PM can announce whatever he likes, the public has declared the pandemic over and after Partygate may no longer listen to new rules…

“I want to avoid any such thing happening again, and I can’t rule out some, Esther, I can’t say we wouldn’t be forced to do non-pharmaceutical interventions again of the kind we did. 

I think it would be irresponsible of any leader in any democracy to say they’re going to rule out something that would save lives… there could be a new variant – more deadly – there could be a variant that affects children badly that we really need to contain, I’m not going to take any options off the table.”

The interview is a real coup for McVey, who both managed to secure an interview with the PM and avoided doxxing his mobile phone number

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Esther McVey Takes Government Transparency to New Heights

The Mirror’s Mikey Smith has recently been on a one-man crusade to call out GB News’ weekend show offering, which unlike any other news channel now has two married Tory MPs – Esther McVey and Phillip Davies – interviewing Tory ministers. Mikey argues this undermines the channel’s anti-establishment nature… 

Since this criticism, it seems Esther McVey has gone out of her way to try and maximise scrutiny of government ministers. Taking to Instagram yesterday, the former minister posted a photo of the show’s running order. Accidentally doxxing the Health Secretary and his SpAd in the process…


Say what you like about GB News, Sophy Ridge would never provide such explosive access to Whitehall secrets…

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McVey: Ex-MI6 Boss Shocked at UK’s Covid Freedom Sacrifice

The relatively new “Common Sense” group of Tory MPs had a joint reception with Esther McVey’s Blue Collar Conservative group at conference last night, in a room so small, hot and cramped that if attendees didn’t have Covid beforehand they almost certainly will now. Partygoers were treated to a panoply of speeches, from the Common Sense chair and vice-chair Sir John Hayes and Tom Hunt, Express Editor Gary Jones, Attorney General Suella Braverman and Esther McVey herself. Thankfully Guido had positioned himself by the bar before the procession of common sense champions began their speaking relay race…

Among the usual no-nonsense, common-sense platitudes, Esther pricked the room’s ears when name-dropping a recent meeting she’d had with the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. She claims the ex-spook said he was “shocked” how easily in the last 18 months we gave up our freedom.

“He said he was shocked, and he lived behind the iron curtain in the cold war and he said they had not given up the freedoms that we had given up. So we must fight to get our party back on track”

McVey didn’t reveal the original reason for her meeting with Sir Richard – discussing the possibility of the first female Bond Guido wonders?

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McVey’s TV Presenting Return that Never Was

At the start of 2021, News UK was still planning on launching a right-wing TV channel of their own, only to abandon plans when GB News had clearly emerged as the better-prepared front runner. The death knell was announced in April by Rebekah Brooks with the departure of broadcast executive David Rhodes, and her conclusion that a linear news channel is not “commercially viable”. GB News hopes to prove that wrong…

The register of MPs’ interests has now given an insight into the programming Brooks had hoped to get off the ground. Last night, Esther McVey revealed she took £600 from News UKfor presenting pilot episodes of a news programme”. According to McVey, the audition took up 6 hours of her time. It was no doubt a breeze for McVey, who prior to Parliament made a name for herself as a GMTV presenter…

Guido hears the audition took the form of a panel show with two talking heads and a second MP. Interestingly, the name of Esther’s MP co-host is yet to register their payment…

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Lamont: Let Borrowing Rise Short-Term, Don’t Raise Taxes

With Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s roadmap to recovery due to be revealed on Wednesday, former Chancellor Norman Lamont today appeared on the latest episode of the Blue Collar Conversations podcast to offer idea.

Speaking to former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, Lamont argues that the Government’s priority should be “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

He advocates focusing on pro-enterprise policies, such as cutting the cost of employing people and securing an employer national insurance holiday. 

Lamont was joined by John Redwood.  Both warned against tax rises.  Instead, consistent with the ‘practical conservatism’ preached by members of the Blue Collar Conservatism caucus in Parliament, Lamont said:

“In the short term, you’ve just got to let borrowing take the strain and I would not put up taxes because I think if you put up taxes, you would stifle the recovery.

“And you know, it may take a couple of years before the recovery has really got going.

“I would let the borrowing rise in the short term. And then we can look at things further down the line, but I wouldn’t be in favour of putting up taxes, even if it became necessary in the longer run. I think it would be vital not to do it in the immediate future because it would just stop the recovery taking place.”

On the podcast, Lamont also reflects on his time behind the scenes in the Treasury, the civil service and the troubles that lie ahead for Sunak.  Having been Chancellor during Black Wednesday, no doubt even Rishi will be tuning in to hear Lord Lamont this weekend

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Rory Stewart Jumps to Second Place With Tory Members

Looks like Rory Stewart’s ‘unique’ style of campaigning hasn’t done him too much harm, he’s managed an improbable jump into second place in the latest ConHome leadership survey. He’s still going to need at least another eight votes if the fun is going to continue. He tells The Sun he is still “one or two votes short”…

Raab and Gove have both been pushed down a place and fall under 10% for the first time in months, Hunt has closed the gap slightly while the Saj has managed to put a bit of distance between himself and the remaining candidates. Hancock looks to have cleared the 16-vote bar with George Freeman’s switch from Gove yesterday, the other three all have work to do. The membership won’t be too distraught either way, it’s just 2% for McVey and Leadsom while Hancock and Harper don’t even muster 1%…

It’s all a bit academic anyway, these are all molehills compared to Boris Johnson’s towering peak – breaking the 50% mark for the first time. His smooth launch yesterday failed to offer any kind of gamechanging gaffe his rivals need to dent his imposing lead. It’s increasingly starting to look like a race for second place…

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