Wonk Watch: More IEA and ASI Reshuffling

Forget Boris’s cabinet reshuffle, the changes going on among the Tufton Street Mafia make for much more interesting reading. Back in September Guido revealed the ASI’s Matt Kilcoyne had decided to depart as their deputy director. Guido now understands he’s to take up the role as director of Lord Hannan’s Initiative for Free Trade. Guido can’t think of a better pick…

That’s not the end of the ASI shake-up. Guido can reveal their head of research Matthew Lesh is defecting to the IEA to fill the role as their new head of public policy. Lesh says he’s “extremely excited to be joining the IEA” who “became a beacon of hope and inspiration to millions seeking freedom across the world” amid the post-war consensus. The IEA’s also been facing staff turnover recently following the departure of Emma Revell and Lord Kamall…

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Live with Littlewood is Back at 6pm!

After a summer break, Live with Littlewood returns tonight at 6pm – with the guests joining us live in the studio!


  • Fuel-proof: are we heading for a winter of discontent?
  • Things can only get better: Did Keir deliver at Labour Party Conference?
  • Fat chance: Will this government be the first in the world to “reverse the trend on obesity”?


  • Christian Calgie – Senior Reporter, Guido Fawkes
  • Tom Harwood – Political Correspondent, GB News
  • Emma Revell – Head of Public Affairs, IEA
  • Christopher Snowdon – Head of Lifestyle Economics, IEA


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On tonight’s LIVE with LITTLEWOOD

  • Manchester: A city united …against the government? And are more northern cities on a collision course with Westminster?
  • Deal or No Deal?  As the barney with Barnier continues, will be there be a Brexit trade deal?  If not, what will a ‘no deal’ look like?
  • Generation Y bother? Millennials around the world say they’re losing faith with democracy.  Is this a threat to free societies?  Does it open the door to populist politics?
  • Plus the chance to win £100 in our new Live with Littlewood competition!

Host Mark Littlewood will be joined by activist, blogger, columnist and founder of Conservative Home, Tim Montgomerie; SDP leader William Clouston; the Institute of Directors’ Allie Renison;  Brian Morgan, professor of entrepreneurship at Cardiff Metropolitan University; The Spectator’s Cindy Yu; and Matt Kilcoyne of the Adam Smith Institute.  Also joining them will be the IEA’s Steve Davies and Emma Revell.

Join us LIVE for the issues that matter – TONIGHT at 6PM – WATCH HERE or on YouTube.

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  • Is the government’s “moderate” approach to easing the lockdown right?
  • Is America’s immune system failing? Are the riots playing out across the US a mass outburst of lockdown rage?
  • What impact will Covid-19 have on globalisation and immigration?
  • And is the lockdown lulling us into a dystopian lifestyle?

Join host Mark Littlewood and a stellar cast of journalists, commentators and think tankers – including Isabel Oakeshott, Freddy Gray of the Spectator USA, the Telegraph’s Madeline Grant and Peter Whittle of the New Culture Forum – as they discuss all this and more.

Also joining LIVE WITH LITTLEWOOD will be Sam Bowman of the International Center for Law and Economics, author and comedian Dominic Frisby, the Cato Institute’s Johan Norberg – plus the IEA’s Emma Revell and Christopher Snowdon.

JOIN IN THE DEBATE LIVE at 6pm – here or on YouTube.

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