Confused Thornberry’s Car Crash Media Round

Emily Thornberry has had a nightmare of a morning. To be fair to her she has spent most of it trying to defend the indefensible. On GMB the Shadow Foreign Secretary blamed her confusing statement that she hopes Leave would win a second referendum on it being “quarter to seven in the morning”. Not that Labour’s policy is confusing at any time of the day; negotiate the best deal to leave possible, then campaign to remain…

On Radio 4 Today things got even worse for Thornberry as she was asked to name a single time Corbyn has backed the use of British armed forces. She couldn’t name a single instance, because there isn’t one. Corbyn has even written against Britain’s use of military force in the Second World War…

The media are right to scrutinise the Labour Party more seriously this time around. There’s a credible chance these people could come to power by the end of the year…

Thornberry Denies Corbyn’s Support for Chavez as ‘Bollocks’

Following her denial yesterday of Corbyn’s anti-NATO past, Thornberry has now taken it upon herself to start erasing Corbyn’s pro-Maduro history also. During yesterday’s Queen Speech debate, Alok Sharma brought up Corbyn’s pro-Venezuela past, to which Thornberry shouted “bollocks”. Guido thought rather than labouring the point we’d revisit some of Corbyn’s own comments in favour of Maduro and Chavez’s regimes. Watch the video above for Corbyn / Chavez / Maduro highlights.

Maduro actually thanked Corbyn for his support on a live TV phone in…

Thornberry Furiously Denies Corbyn’s Anti-NATO Past

During an Emergency Question on Turkey in the Commons, Raab raised the importance of the role of NATO, fairly going on to remind the house about Corbyn’s prominent anti-NATO past. As the video shows, Thornberry began spitting feathers over Raab’s audacity to cite the past stated positions of the Leader of the Labour Party…

As an aide-memoire for the shadow foreign secretary, her dear leader has in the past claimed NATO was set up to “promote a Cold War with the Soviet Union” and wrote a column for the Morning Star entitled “High time for an End to Nato” that you can read in full here. More Stalin-esque erasing of history from the Labour Party…

The Lady Nugee Is For Turning

Emily Thornberry took to the airwaves yesterday in the run-up to Corbyn’s speech, where she declared that she’d rather have a second referendum than a general election because an election would just “be all about in or out, what kind of deal, and so to a certain extent I can see the sense in trying to have a referendum first”…

Which is directly contradictory to her argument at the end of May where she spoke of the dangers of a new Prime Minister who is willing to leave with No Deal, saying “if you get a Tory leader who wants to do all that they should have the guts to take it back to the people, and if they’re so confident that that’s what the people want then they should ask them, that’s why we should have a general election.” What could have possibly changed her mind?

Thornberry’s Bizarre Conference Anecdote

Watch as Thornberry goes off-script during her Labour Party conference speech and comes out with a bizarre anecdote in which she recommends people being hit by cars and suffering concussion. Of course, serious concussion is the only reason anyone would consider voting Labour…

UPDATE: Turns out the inexplicable anecdote wasn’t ad-libbed at all, but had been scripted into her speech to segue into thanking the NHS.

Making the whole thing even odder…


Thornberry: Elected Deputy Leader Doesn’t Represent the Party

Not very comradely…

Corbyn Gives Up on Having a Brexit Policy

After 3 years of dithering, u-turning and total confusion, last night Jeremy Corbyn finally gave up on trying to assert a Brexit policy on the Labour Party. He conceded to offering his cabinet a free vote in a second referendum should they win power…

Corbyn will also allow his MPs to campaign on either side of his proposed referendum – granting a huge choice between remaining, and staying in the customs union and regulatory orbit of the single market.

The move comes after Emily Thornberry’s excruciating Question Time appearance last week, where she had to explain with a straight face that if Labour came to power she would help negotiate a new deal with the EU, then campaign against it to stay in.

Meanwhile, deputy party leader Tom Watson has come up with yet another excuse to vote against a general election – saying there should be a second referendum beforehand. Maybe the new strategy is to make Britons so exhausted with as many votes as possible that they don’t notice Labour’s spinelessness…

Thornberry: I’ll Negotiate a New Deal Then Campaign Against It

No wonder Labour keeps voting against having a general election…

Leftists Turn on Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas managed to achieve the remarkable feat of uniting right and left against her with the daftest proposal of silly season so far for an all-woman (and all-white) emergency ‘cabinet of national unity’ to take over and block no deal, “because women have shown they can bring a different perspective to crises, are able to reach out to those they disagree with and cooperate to find solutions”. Just women Caroline likes though, not women like Priti Patel, Liz Truss, Gisela Stuart, or apparently Diane Abbott.

Corbynistas who used to go dewy-eyed at the mere mention of Lucas have now been rapidly unpersoning her. Guido has rounded up some of the more enjoyable reactions…

Diane Abbott herself shut down the idea with an uncharacteristically sensible response. Thornberry, who was approached by Lucas to the fury of the Corbynistas, also poured cold water on it:

However it was Ellie Mae O’Hagan who saved the best till last, identifying the true enemy: centrism. Corbynistia has always been at war with Lucasia…

Lucas’s latest idea is never going to fly, as Guido has already noted, wild fantasising about ‘national unity’ PMs is this year’s silly season activity of choice. However there is a school of thought that by deliberately putting out an obviously daft idea and getting everyone talking about it, Lucas is helping to shift the Overton Window to make a ‘national unity’ Government under someone less bonkers seem more reasonable. Guido won’t be holding his breath…

Thornberry: Labour Will Campaign for Remain

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry says: “We’re going to ask for a public vote, we’re going to ask for Remain to be on the ballot paper and we’re going to campaign to Remain.” Labour abandons Northern Leave voting seats…

Thornberry Stings Boris Over Police Visit

At Foreign Office Questions this afternoon, Damian McBride Emily Thornberry took the opportunity to sting Boris by congratulating Jeremy Hunt for “not just for getting into the final two, but also being the only candidate who has the police outside his house for the right reasons!” Ouch…

Rishi Sunak Reminds Ridge About Boris’ Liberal Burqa Stance

The point about Boris’s infamous burka column which is systematically and wilfully overlooked is that Boris was actually defending a woman’s rights to choose whether she wears a burqa or not. Unlike in supposedly ‘liberal’ EU countries like France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands where women are legally banned from wearing the burqa in many public places and face fines for doing so. Not to mention Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry saying she would actively discriminate against women who wear burqas…

Thornberry’s Jab at Anonymous Labour “Backroom Briefing”

Fair to say that Emily Thornberry’s not particularly impressed with anonymous “backroom briefing” from Labour spokespeople suggesting that Labour might abstain on the second reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. “I’m the elected politician, I’m on the record, we’re not going to vote for the Withdrawal Bill if we don’t agree it, and we don’t…” Who could she possibly be thinking of…?

Thornberry: ‘Strong Argument’ for Second Referendum

A masterclass from Emily Thornberry in evading the question. Will Labour be tabling a confidence vote? Will Labour be backing Brexit in a General Election? Will they back a second referendum? We just don’t know, neither does she…[…] Read the rest


Emily Thorn-Merry at the Despatch Box

Emily Thornberry was having a bit of trouble getting her question out at the Despatch Box earlier. “Everything is so topsy-turvey at the moment!” As Alastair Burt sagely notes, we have all been in her position before…[…] Read the rest


Labour Voters Unenthusiastic About Leadership Contenders

Labour’s leadership hopefuls have some work to do if they want to establish themselves as successors to Corbyn among the Labour faithful. Polling by the ESRC Party Members Project somewhat surprisingly found Keir Starmer to be the slight favourite among Labour members with 18% support, ahead of John McDonnell on 15% and Emily Thornberry on 12%.[…] Read the rest


Labour All At Sea Over Brexit

Labour are all at sea over Brexit again, with Keir Starmer directly contracting his party leader’s comments on whether Brexit can be stopped. Starmer told Sky News this morning “Brexit can be stopped” just days after Corbyn categorically told Der Spiegel on Friday that Labour “can’t stop” Brexit:

DS: “If you could stop Brexit, would you?”

JC: “We can’t stop it.

[…] Read the rest


Labour ‘Won’t Save the Government’ in Brexit Deal Vote

Emily Thornberry confirmed to Marr this morning that Labour is intent on voting down Theresa May’s Brexit deal, in the hope of forcing a general election.[…] Read the rest


Thornberry Doesn’t Want That People’s Vote

Emily Thornberry tells Today

“I want a people’s vote but I want it to be a big and proper people’s vote, which is a general election.”[…] Read the rest


Thornberry: Our Brexit Tests Are Not Silly

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