Emily Thornberry Proves “Vodka Socialist” Credentials

Responding to 2019 accusations that she was a ‘champagne socialist’, Shadow Attorney General hit back saying she is, in fact, a “blue vodka and oyster socialist to you mate”. Now she’s going about proving it…

Taking to Instagram, Thornberry showed off her lovely father’s day breakfast spread from this Sunday, replete with pastries, juice, flowers, bread… and a £28 bottle of vodka.

Guido’s sympathetic to the stresses of family life, though breakfast might be a tad early for Emily’s coping strategy…

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Thornberry Puts Best Foot Forward With Voters

Whatever you think about Lady Nugee, she is at least a good sport – though one anecdote on her latest interview with Iain Dale suggests she may be slightly too keen to play footsie with the electorate. She recounts that during an EU election campaign, while heavily pregnant, she was stopped by a voter who asked for a photo… of her feet.

“I was hugely pregnant and about to pop, and I was asked to do some leaflet delivery. So I was going down a particular street and I couldn’t get my feet into anything because I was just enormous, so I had these birkenstocks. I’m waddling up and down the road with these leaflets for the European elections and this guy goes by on a bicycle. Anyway I carry on and he comes back again and he stops. 

Eventually he comes over to me and he says ‘hello, who are you’ and I say ‘hello, my name’s Emily’, and he said ‘what are you doing?’ and I said ‘got these leaflets for the European elections’ and I explained to him what the elections were about and why and who you should vote for; and then he said ‘I see… would you mind if I took your photo?’ and I thought ‘right, another vote, ok’ so I sort of stood there and smiled.

He said ‘no, no, of your feet’. I swear he took a photograph of my feet and then he gave me a card and on it there was this website and I look it up on this website and he’s got a series of portraits of women and he goes like ‘Candy, met on Camden Market, she was buying fruit for her aunty’, ‘Emily, canvassing for the Labour Party’ – a picture of my feet!”

Before you ask, Guido has been unable to find this website, though regrettably stumbled across another seemingly popular website for people with said preference, where Emily’s feet have been ranked just 2.5 stars by users. An unpleasant browse through other female politicians revealed this is relatively low as a ranking, though does beat Mrs T’s paltry 2 stars:

  1. Priti Patel – 4.5⭐️
  2. Penny Mordaunt – 4.5⭐️
  3. Nicola Sturgeon – 4⭐️
  4. Andrea Leadsom – 3.5⭐️
  5. Angela Rayner – 3.5 ⭐️
  6. Lisa Nandy – 3⭐️
  7. Caroline Lucas – 2.5⭐️
  8. Thornberry – 2.5⭐️
  9. Thatcher – 2⭐️

Guido sincerely hopes this squalid investigation staves any co-conspirators off trying to find the website themselves…

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Thornberry’s Bizarre British Bill of Rights Rant

A bit of a tortured metaphor from Emily Thornberry last night as she attempted to dismantle the government’s new British Bill of Rights, publishing this morning. Appearing on Newsnight to criticise the Tories for “just choos[ing] the bits they like and the bits they don’t” over plans to detach UK courts from the European Court of Human Rights, Thornberry revealed what she thinks is “really going on” with the announcement:

“Do you know what I think is really going on? They’re just behaving like some sort of drunk when the pubs are throwing out, and they’re in the car park, and they’re rolling around and they’re going ‘fight me, fight me!’ They’re just trying to think of anything that they can take on at the moment in order to distract us all from what’s really happening, which is their inability to govern. They’re trying to pick another fight.”


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Emily Thornberry Changes Tune on Durham Beergate Investigation

Now the Met’s Partygate investigation has concluded with no additional fines for the PM, Labour is realising they’ve truly backed themselves into an awkward corner given it’s now Starmer more likely to be defenestrated. Back when Durham Police launched their investigation, Labour was apoplectic with fury. Emily Thornberry went on LBC to slam the Tories and the press for forcing a politically-motivated hit job on the party:

I think they have been put under pressure, not just by the media by Conservative MPs, I think there’s been a campaign… I’m saying there’s been systematic pressure and there’s been an enterprise put together by the attack unit at Conservative Party Central Office, this is not being denied…”

Marr: “And the police have folded – I don’t think Durham police would be very happy to hear you say that.”

Now Thornberry appears to have totally changed her tune. With a crocodile smile on Newsnight yesterday she claimed to viewers:

“We welcome the fact Durham are investigating this, and Keir has been perfectly clear about this…

Derbyshire: You don’t welcome it, Emily Thornberry, come on!”

Does Emily really think voters believe her claim that Keir, who looks to be in pain in interviews, welcomes the investigation? 

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Thornberry’s Jolly Russia Interview

Good to see Thornberry out on top form this morning. Being interviewed by Kay Burley on the volatile Russia situation, the shadow attorney general ended up losing her train of thought and admitted she couldn’t remember the question, to peals of laughter. Sir Keir probably has few regrets about demoting Thornberry…

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Thornberry Joked About Lenin-Loving Tweet Before Holocaust Memorial Book Signing

Today marks Holocaust Memorial Day, when politicians of all colours come together once again to remember the millions of people murdered under the Nazi regime. That said, not all politicians have come together…

Yesterday Guido reported on Emily Thornberry’s interesting PMQs defence, which involved praising Lenin and Castro as “great people”. According to an outraged Tory MP Marco Longhi, Thornberry was subsequently seen in the queue for the Commons Holocaust Memorial book showing off the social media posts and “laughing about” it with colleagues – something the MP for Dudley MP found “disgusting”. Thornberry is yet to post her subsequent solemn book signing photo…

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