Boris Created New Rebel After Cancelling MP’s Wedding

49 Tory MPs rebelled against the four-week lockdown extension last night, joined by five DUP, six Labour and two years, they proved a mere 60-strong rebellion in comparison to 489 who marched through the Aye Lobby. Guido believes far more Tory MPs oppose the lockdown extension than voted against the whip last night. Once again, careers came first.

Among the usual list of Tory rebels – primarily from the Covid Recovery Group – there was a new rebel from the 2019 folds: Elliot Coburn. This was Elliot’s first rebellion on Covid measures and he had good reason to be peeved off – his wedding was just cancelled by his own boss. Colburn had planned on getting married in July, though due to his venue being booked up indefinitely his nuptials are now having to be delayed until next year:

“It was described to me yesterday as a cruel decision and I think it is cruel”

“… it’s the simple fact that nothing that you would expect to happen in a wedding can take place. For many like us the idea of having even 100 people sat socially distanced, not able to get up, not able to mingle, not able to have a good time — an entire evening of socially distanced people just staring at each other just seems bizarre.”

As pointed out in The Telegraphmany of the remaining wedding restrictions can be worked around, given the rules now only “advise against” certain celebratory activities like dancing. Unfortunately for Colburn, his planned guest list of fellow MPs and cabinet ministers would have been frowned upon had advice been broken in the course of the evening’s drunken revelling…

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