Information Commissioner Reveals to Select Committee Cambridge Analytica ‘Whistleblower’ Refused to Speak On Record

Julian Knight knocked it out of the park this morning at his DCMS Select Committee, as conversation turned to the Cambridge Analytica circus. Questioning the Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, Knight asked if Denham had felt “used as a means to bring about a political objective, as in the undermining of a democratic decision.”¬†Knight contextualised the situation, saying:

“There was a degree of confirmation bias about much of the reporting around this, we had much lauded prize winning journalists coming out with quite bizarre conspiracy theories, diagrams and that sort of thing.

We had disjointed Netflix films, we had witnesses who claimed to be whistleblowers but who were actually in the market for selling information in the same way as Cambridge Analytica was being accused of.”

Denham admitted that her investigation may have been “coloured by others” in that way, going on to say “we tried our best” to look past the colourful characters in the story and produce objective reports.

Denham went on to confirm that Brittany Kaiser, who was Netflix’s star ‘whistleblower’ in their Cambridge Analytica film refused to speak to her, and went on to imply that others such as Chris Wylie and his associates may not have done either. This is despite their willingness to talk extensively to the media. Guido awaits her written submission for more hypocritical names. The Remainer media circus is finally packing up, and the mess its leaving behind doesn’t look good.

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UK’s Information Commissioner Has Moved to Canada

Elizabeth Denham has been the UK’s Information Commissioner since July 2016. Among her greatest hits since that time have been punitive investigations going after Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. She is currently attempting to introduce ‘age gating’ for the entire internet via a new Age Appropriate Design Code. What’s more, her internet-meddling isn’t even being done from the UK…

A freedom of information request has now revealed that Denham, who is paid more than the Prime Minister, has been working from a location within the Canadian Pacific Time Zone for some time. This means she living a full eight hours off from UK time. Guido hears that this has been the case for many months, with obvious consequences for workflow efficiency, and no drop in pay. On the bright side, perhaps she can’t do as much harm working from half way across the world…

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