Eddie Izzard Standing for Labour Candidacy in Brighton… Despite Claiming “I Want to Fight For the North”

Suzy Eddie Izzard has followed through on his/her threats to stand again after losing the Labour selection contest in Sheffield Central, and has now launched a campaign for Brighton Pavilion. The eddieizzard.uk website has a fresh lick of paint and a jazzy new video, with Izzard claiming she’s standing in Brighton because she’s “just the latest in over 200 years of Izzards in East Sussex and I’m proud of my roots.” So proud, in fact, here’s what she told Matt Forde just five months ago when asked if she’d prefer a seat in the north or the south…

“Anywhere up north… I’d rather be up north, because I’m a kid from down south, and I want to be up north… if people in the north feel the south has it good, then I want to fight for the north.”

It is Guido’s solemn duty to inform Suzy that Brighton is on the southern coast. “Fighting for the north” from a beach on the English Channel will be difficult. If there’s one man/woman who can do it, surely it’s Suzy Eddie

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LGBT+ Labour Co-Chair Steps Back Amid “Bullying and Abusive Culture”

The Co-chair of LGBT+ Labour has taken a step back from his duties, citing a “toxic culture” on the group’s committee. In a letter outlining his decision, Matthew Lloyd tilts at a “small group” on the executive committee, naming Parliamentary Liaison Officer Joe Vinson, who “frustrate and sabotage” LGBT+ Labour’s work. Matthew makes a number of allegations against the clique, including a “violent threat” sent by text and a “drunken abusive intimidating incident that happened at conference 2022”. He also accuses this nefarious cohort of playing a game of “truth or dare… as a form of bullying”. Shocking.

Of course, co-conspirators won’t be surprised to see handbags, nor allegations of abuse, emerging from Labour’s resident drama queens – especially considering what we already know about the group. In 2021 they argued for Rosie Duffield to have the Labour whip withdrawn, whilst the MP herself has accused them of peddling “absolute rubbish” about her. The confused group can’t even seem to pick a side to self-identify with – they’ve also singled out Suzy Eddie Izzard.

Co-conspirators can read Matthew’s letter in full below:

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LGBT Labour Confused by Suzy Eddie Izzard’s Latest Identity

Just over a week has passed since Suzy Eddie Izzard announced her new name and already the transphobic trolls are piling on, with the comedian suffering deadnaming on Twitter. The culprit really should know better…

In the announcement of the comedian’s new position as an honorary patron, LGBT Labour used Suzy Eddie’s old name – something trans activists often decry as harmful. They also described Suzy Eddie as an “actor” – when before they’ve used “actress” for female-identifying actors. Guido can forgive this minor transgression, it’s not easy to keep up with the iterations of gender-fluid Suzy “I’m Eddie’s” identity.  

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LISTEN: Eddie Izzard Announces New Name, Threatens to Stand as Labour Candidate Again

Gender-fluid Eddie Izzard has announced she/he has a new feminine name, and from now on is going by “Suzy Eddie”. Appearing on Matt Forde’s Political Party podcast last night, the comedian-turned-wannabe politician revealed:

“I prefer to see she/her, I don’t mind he/him … I’m Eddie. There’s another name I’m going to add in as well, which is Suzy, which I wanted to be since I was 10. I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard.”

Suzy Eddie also vowed to continue hunting for a seat “until I get in”, and even scoffed at the idea of being a mere backbencher, adding “do I have to be backbench?” No, although it helps to at least get selected first…

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Eddie Izzard Loses Again – This Time In Selection Battle for Sheffield Central

The people of Sheffield Central, and anybody who values the credibility of the Labour Party, can breathe a sigh of relief. A constituency Labour party has come to the sensible decision in the selection for a candidate in Sheffield Central. Eddie Izzard came a poor second, with 175 votes, 258 behind the winning candidate.

This shouldn’t surprise followers of the comedienne’s career. Eddie has a strong track record – of losing at every opportunity. Here’s a summary of Izzard’s losing campaigns:

  • Join the euro
  • Elect Ken Livingston
  • Elect Gordon Brown
  • Vote Yes in the AV referendum
  • Elect Ed Miliband
  • Elect Andy Burnham as Labour leader
  • Remain in the EU
  • Run for Labour’s NEC
  • Elect Jeremy Corbyn
  • End restrictions on Westminster street performers

Better luck next time, Eddie…

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Green Party Suspend Sheffield Candidate for ‘Transphobic’ Comments Towards Rival Izzard

Such is the Green Party’s dedication to niche, online, woke issues, they’ve decided to suspend their candidate in Sheffield Central, who got 9% of the vote in 2019, for questioning whether Eddie Izzard should use women’s toilets. Alison Teal has been booted out of the seat after Izzard complained some of her tweets were homophobic. Teal’s crime? Sharing a Critic op-ed by Jean Hatchet that questioned why Izzard had used women’s loos at a Labour Party fundraising event in the city.

Unsurprisingly, Teal is defending her corner, arguing she’s not transphobic, she’s merely interested in protecting the rights of women and children. She says she’s “shocked” by the suspension. So will the vast majority of Sheffield Central’s electorate…

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