Eddie Hughes Rules Out Fighting Tamworth By-Election After Pincher Resignation

Sitting Tory MP Eddie Hughes has ruled out standing as the Conservative candidate in the upcoming Tamworth by-election, despite being selected to fight for the seat at the next General Election. He’s currently the MP for Walsall North, which is being abolished under boundary changes. Pincher’s early resignation this morning has completely scuppered his plans…

He confirmed in a statement on Facebook this afternoon:

“I respect the MP for Tamworth’s decision to resign today and I understand there will now be a by-election. However, as the sitting Member of Parliament for Walsall North I have a commitment to my constituents until the next General Election. I look forward to continuing to represent the great people of Bloxwich, Willenhall and Walsall North.”

Hughes was stuck between a rock and a hard place. You might even say he was caught in something of a Pincher movement. Jumping to Tamworth now would have meant another by-election in Walsall North. As Michael Crick points out, that could have made Hughes the man responsible for losing his party two by-elections potentially on the same day. The race is now on to find a new candidate for Tamworth. Guido hears CCHQ are scrambling around desperately…

UPDATE: Hughes tells Guido he’s focusing on winning Tamworth for the Tories for now, and hasn’t decided what’ll do after that. There are still a few other seats up for grabs…

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More 1922 Candidates Revealed

Following on from David Morris announcing his candidacy a week ago, the 1922 Committee’s important job over the next couple of weeks has only become more clear. Since then, Guido can reveal a quartet of names putting themselves forward to fill committee vacancies:

  • Eddie Hughes
  • Iain Stewart
  • Jo Gideon
  • Harriet Baldwin

There are two vacancies, following Nus Ghani and Aaron Bell’s promotions to the front bench. Let the race begin…
UPDATE: Guido originally asserted that Hughes was on Penny Mordaunt’s campaign team. He wasn’t.

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