EXCLUSIVE: Yvette Cooper’s Son Led Trans Rights Disruption of Zahawi Q&A

Last night the Telegraph reported that Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi had been subjected to a trans rights protest while visiting Warwick University last week. Zahawi was hounded off campus by a group of students accusing him of “inciting hatred” by defining “adult human females” during a talk. In tweets posted by Warwick Pride LGBTQUIA+* Association last Wednesday, the group claimed:

“Zahawi has also made very concerning comments regarding corporal punishment and has made other transphobic remarks such as using the common transphobic dog-whistle “adult human female… the notion that Zahawi does not incite hatred is ludicrous at best.”

A source close to Zahawi says he took questions for nearly half an hour, and when asked about trans rights said the issue needed to be “handled in a loving way, whilst affirming that parents need to be consulted on issues relating to their children and that the rights of trans people need protecting, just as our rights do.” They continued without holding back:

“The hyperbole from a small clutch of hysterical students stands in stark contrast to Zahawi’s caring and nuanced take, which means theese protesters are due glittering careers in a Labour front bench that can’t grasp either the rudiments or biology nor the maturity of grown-up debate.”

The Telegraph’s report missed the key involvement in the protest by one student who interrupted Zahawi’s Q&A to rant about how parents shouldn’t get a look-in if their child thinks they’re transgender. The son of Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, Joel Cooper.

A video posted by the Warwick Labour society shows Cooper interrupting the question session while another student interrupts him to point out the son of New Labour’s power couple was blacklisted from the event, as organisers believed he and the Labour society were planning to disrupt it. After concluding his monologue he sat down to applause from fellow Labour activist gatecrashers.

Joel shared the clip, premeditatedly recorded for him by a fellow activist, to his Instagram story, where no doubt follower dad Ed Balls saw it.

The intervention from the son of the Shadow Home Secretary comes the same week as Labour once again erupts into a row about whether women can have penises. In March, Joel’s mum, Yvette, was asked on TalkRadio whether she could define what a woman was, and refused to be “drawn down a rabbit hole on this”. The same Tory source quips “The Labour party seem totally unable to shake off penisgate, just as they were getting over cervixgate. It makes one wonder why they bothered with all women shortlists for all those years”.

*Don’t ask.

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Guido Backs #BallsforWakefield

Now that Imran Ahmad Khan has resigned, SW1 is rife with excited gossip about who comes next in Wakefield – the crucial battleground for Labour. They need to win it to prove they can rebuild the Red Wall and vindicate Starmer’s leadership. Eight days ago Seb Payne used his column to first float the idea that this by-election provides a prime opportunity for an Ed Balls comeback, a prospect exciting fans in Westminster and yet to be extinguished by Ed himself. While Ed Balls hasn’t yet announced his candidacy, Guido is getting ahead of the game and endorsing him anyway. 

The chatter coming out of LOTO and Southside is on the money: Balls has the star power and the charm to make the shadow cabinet interesting again. He’d be one of the very, very few Labour MPs with actual government experience (alongside his wife Yvette, obviously). He can also do Gangnam Style

For long-time co-conspirators this endorsement shouldn’t come as a surprise. During Labour’s 2010 leadership election, the Guy Newsroom organised an Ed Balls for Leader rally in Westminster to great success. Balls lost, though it made the campaign a bit less boring. Throw your hat in the ring once again for the people of Wakefield, Ed. Guido backs you. #BallsforWakefield

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Murdoch Prepares for New Star TV Hires

The rumour mill over at the mini-Shard is whirring regarding which top stars might be poached to front Murdoch’s upcoming TalkTV venture, launching in early 2022. After already nabbing Piers Morgan in September, Guido hears Adam Boulton could be on the cusp of making a return to the Murdoch fold. Announcing his departure from Sky News a week ago, Boulton told The Times, “I mean, to give up daily broadcasting is a wrench. Maybe there’ll be other broadcasting things.” His departure would also time well with the TalkTV launch; he’s expected to leave Sky at the end of 2021. 

In more light-hearted hiring news, Guido hears Ed Balls has also been spotted having conversations at the News UK headquarters, and is also strongly rumoured to be joining the venture.  Especially awkward for GMB – they lost Piers to TalkTV and have only just taken Balls on as a new presenter…

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Professor Ed Balls Teaching at King’s College London

In news that was buried at the end of last month with the announcement of England’s new lockdown, former Shadow Chancellor and Strictly star Ed Balls has taken up a position as Professor of Political Economy at King’s College London. The politician turned reality star had only been an irregular visiting professor since 2015…

In a King’s press release, Balls said:

“I have greatly enjoyed my six years at King’s teaching economics graduate students and Treasury officials and am delighted to have been asked to join the full faculty in this new part-time role.”

The move brings Balls’ career somewhat full circle. Before entering politics, he was a teaching fellow at Harvard University. Guido wonders if he’ll start teaching ballroom dancing on the side..

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Ed Balls on Corbyn’s Blindness to Antisemitism

Ed Balls speaking to Times Radio ahead of the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission report said…

“If Jeremy had come out quickly, in a very clear way, and said not only that anti-semitism is wrong, but that it will be rooted out in the Labour Party, and that there are things I have done and said in the past, which I now regret, and I apologise for, things could have moved on. I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite. He’s not a racist man, but he undoubtedly not only stood with antisemitic people, but said things which were antisemitic. And because he wasn’t able to acknowledge that, his sort of anti-American, anti-liberal, anti-capitalist belief in his own anti-racist credentials, I think blinded him to the reality, which is if you say to, you know, to Jews who’ve been in our country for a very long time, as he said in 2013, ‘They still don’t understand English irony’, that somehow they are outsiders, they are, because of their Jewishness, that means that they are sort of foreigners in their own country, that is antisemitic. And if the leader can’t acknowledge that, and apologise and move on, it means that the whole party is then hamstrung in tackling the genuine antisemites who’ve always believed those antisemitic tropes and want to use it for their own political reasons. And so it was a tragedy and a disaster.”

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When Ed Balls Took Ed Davey’s History Notes And Never Gave Them Back

Ed Davey revealed to Nick Robinson on his Political Thinking podcast that Ed Balls, who was one year below him at Nottingham High School (other alumni include Ken Clarke and Geoff Hoon), borrowed his Medieval History A Level notes but never gave them back. Davey says he won’t hold it against Balls. Guido says give them back!

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