When Ed Balls Took Ed Davey’s History Notes And Never Gave Them Back

Ed Davey revealed to Nick Robinson on his Political Thinking podcast that Ed Balls, who was one year below him at Nottingham High School (other alumni include Ken Clarke and Geoff Hoon), borrowed his Medieval History A Level notes but never gave them back. Davey says he won’t hold it against Balls. Guido says give them back!

Gove Goes Gangnam Again

Michael Gove was not letting the UK’s political crisis dampen his festive spirits at a party last night in DEFRA, with the Environment Secretary enthusiastically judging a fancy dress contest including a crocodile and a dancing monkey, before showing off his dancing skills himself alongside TV personality Ed Balls. Not for the first time

On Drums Ladies & Gentlemen, Ed Balls…


Politics is, someone once unkindly said, “showbiz for ugly people”. This is the increasingly likely future for moderate figures in the Labour Party with a personality and public profile. Walk ons in light entertainment shows; Stella Creasy could become a Radio 2 DJ, Tom Watson a media pundit on music, Chuka a chat show host, Liz Kendall would be perfect for daytime television – you get the idea. Ed’s better on the drums than he was on the deficit… boom tish!

Balls of Steel: Ed Tasered on TV

Apropos of nothing, Guido thought readers would enjoy this video of Ed Balls taking a taser to the back. Guido has watched it at least 20 times now…

Friday Caption Contest (Big Balls Edition)

Entries in the comments…

Ed Balls Parties With Trumpettes at Mar-a-Lago

Pictured at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort yesterday… Ed Balls. The former Shadow Chancellor was partying with socialite Toni Holt Kramer, the founder of “Trumpettes USA”, and Tina Hillstrom, an actress who is part of the “Real Women for Trump” campaign, and who Ed follows on Twitter. Toni and Tina spent the weekend at Mar-a-Lago celebrating Trump’s one year anniversary as President. Ed looking almost as orange as the Donald…

Ed’s Balls on Single Market

Ed Balls claimed on last night’s This Week that “many people on the Leave campaign were saying they wanted to stay in the single market“. He was then unable to name one (because there weren’t any). As Nigel said in response: “every single leading player, all the way through the referendum, could not have been clearer, a vote for Brexit was a vote to leave the single market.Still the hardcore Remainers perpetuate this myth…

Friday Caption Contest (Glasto Edition)

Gove & Balls Do Gangnam in an Elevator

Happy Ed Balls Day

It seems to come sooner every year…

Balls Hints at Return to Parliament

“I’m never gonna say never about going back…”

Ed Balls Kicked in the Head

What would Len say?

Balls Loose on ITV

Glitterballs was showered with TV offers after dad-dancing his way to stardom on Strictly. Today he’s done the dirty on Auntie and announced he will appear as “honorary man” on an ITV Loose Women special tomorrow. That’s a promotion from his occasional role as a guest on the show grinding Janet Street-Porter. Now for a whole hour of Balls…

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Balls Out

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Glitter Balls on Strictly

Ayesha Hazarika on the redemption of Ed Balls

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Balls Camper Than Panto

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