Facebook Co-Founder Eyes UK as AI Superpower in Brexit Boost

Dustin Moskovitz, Facebook co-founder and CEO of the multi-billion dollar firm Asana, has called on Rishi to leverage Brexit freedoms to position the UK as a global AI titan. Before Sunak’s big AI Summit in November, Moskovitz hailed London as a “massive magnet” for tech firms, citing EU regulatory hurdles and GDPR conflicts with AI platforms like ChatGPT. Moskowitz told The Times:

“The UK is talking about AI in more appropriate ways … The EU could ban large language models completely. They’re not compatible with GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] and the right to be forgotten — so you either ignore that law or you need a new one”

He added “London is a huge gravitational force“, and the EU will take time to catch up if the UK takes this seriously. Something Brexiteers can agree with… provided Whitehall doesn’t rely on AI too much to do their jobs.

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