In Full: The MPs Set to Lose Their Seats on Current Polls

On Sunday the Trades Union Congress announced the striking results of their MRP poll conducted with Opinium, predicting a 411-seat Labour landslide. The results were pored over by SW1’s Twitter pundits and sent shivers down the spines of Tory MPs.

Although The Guardian published the names of Cabinet ministers to lose out, Guido has done the public service duty of digging through the data to put the names to each constituency that switched hands in the poll. Strap yourself in, it’s a long list…

Amongst the most notable losses to the Tory backbenches are Matt Hancock, Priti Patel, Michael Gove, Dominic Raab, Grant Shapps, Douglas Ross and Iain Duncan Smith. The Conservatives also lose most of their inroads to the “red wall” including Lee Anderson, Dehenna Davison and Brendan Clarke-Smith. Boris Johnson is set to lose his seat, he’ll be relieved Reigate remains blue…

Read the full list below:

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Douglas Ross Voice Lost Ahead of Conference

Scottish Tory conference already had clouds hanging over it following the farce of Douglas Ross’s decision to submit a no confidence letter in Boris to Graham Brady, then withdraw it in light of his leadership during the Ukraine crisis. After finally smoothing things out and securing Boris’s attendance, Tories north of Hadrian’s Wall might have hoped their annual meet-up might now go ahead without any further hitches. It’s not to be…

Douglas Ross today missed First Minister’s Questions because he’s lost his voice and his throat has “seized up” just days before his planned speech. The party hopes he will be able to still make a speech, though it’s set to be “shortened”. Coincidentally Peter Chapman MSP has just deleted a tweet promising that Ross would be a great voice for his constituents…

Already the Tories are having to work around this inconvenience. The Stooshie Politics Podcast was meant to have Ross on only to substitute him for Andrew Bowie. What is it about former May PPS Bowie and his leaders losing their voice?

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Douglas Ross Withdraws No Confidence Letter

The Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has withdrawn his letter of no confidence in Boris from Graham Brady in light of his handling of the Ukraine crisis. That should make the PM’s appearance at the forthcoming Scottish Tory Conference less awkward…

In a statement just put out, Ross said the “middle of an international crisis is not the time to be discussing resignations:

“The middle of an international crisis is not the time to be discussing resignations, unless it’s the removal from office of Vladimir Putin”

“There will be a time and place to debate partygate but, as even Keir Starmer said at the weekend, we should put that on pause while there is war in Europe.”

“It’s essential that we all fully support what the UK Government is doing. In light of Russia’s appalling actions, the government and Prime Minister need our backing, and they have mine and the whole Scottish Conservative party.”

“We should all be focused on what we can do to help the Ukrainian people in any capacity.”

Presumably the No. 10 operation will be hoping his fellow Scot Tories follow his lead…

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Scot Tory MPs Not Happy with Rees-Mogg

The highpoint of yesterday’s madness was undoubtedly the call by the Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross for the PM to resign. Since his demand, 27 out of the 31 Scottish Tory MSPs have formally called for the PM to stand down, though Newsnight claimed all 31 are in agreement. Rees-Mogg then took the opportunity to accuse the Scottish Tory leader of being a “lightweight”, something the PM’s spokesperson this morning refused to say Boris agreed or disagreed with. Though he did deny Rees-Mogg’s comments have undermined the campaign to save the union…

All of this makes it very difficult for the Scottish Tories down in SW1. Scot Tory MPs – rather than MSPs – are caught between a rock and a hard place over partygate. While Ross and the MSPs have the political freedom to cast themselves adrift, for most of the MP contingent it makes more sense to wait for the finding of Sue Gray’s report. While they don’t want to jump just yet, Rees-Mogg’s comments have made their position much more difficult, angering Tories north of the border and resulting in their local activists and councillors demanding they disavow the PM’s leadership. Some Scot Tories aren’t opposed to Ross’s position, not least given he led them to a pretty respectable Holyrood result in 2021, they’ll just be happier to bash the PM after Gray’s report is published…

Ross’s comments also raise very difficult questions about future party logistics. The Scottish Tory party conference, for example, usually sees the regional leader introduce the PM’s speech – how can Ross do that this year? Should Boris stumble through to the next election, how could Ross stand under the guise of getting Boris re-elected Surely now he’s made his bed, either Ross or Boris will have to stand down before the next general election…

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NEW: Scottish Tory Leader Douglas Ross Calls for Boris to Resign

“His position is no longer tenable…”

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Scotland Launching Vaccine Passports Tomorrow Despite Lack of App

The SNP’s vaccine passport scheme will go ahead tomorrow as planned, following a failed court bid from the Night Time Industries Association to block its “discriminatory” introduction – and despite the fact that, as of today, the user app to support the scheme still hasn’t launched. Which probably explains why Nicola Sturgeon has announced the rules won’t actually be enforced until October18…

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions today, Sturgeon said:

“All along, I’ve been very candid and clear: none of us want to be in this position, none of us want to having to take any of the steps we’ve had to take over 18 months now to seek to contain a virus, keep people safe and try to limit the health and other damage that this virus does. This is a targeted and proportionate way to try to reduce the harm that the virus can do over the winter months while keeping our economy fully open, fully functional and fully trading.”

Scottish Tory Leader Douglas Ross claimed that Sturgeon “must accept that the scheme is not ready and must be delayed”. If Labour Conference is anything to go by, perhaps he just needs to wait for a spot of bad weather

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