‘Former’ Lib Dem’s Kamikaze Campaign Against Raab

Esther and Walton residents today found leaflets being pushed through their letterboxes attacking Dominic Raab’s handling of the Harry Dunn case. It even came with a lovely poster…

The leaflet comes from candidate Kyle Taylor who is standing for ‘Advance Together’. It includes a number of blunt low-blows as well as certain fonts that are reminiscent of a Lib Dem leaflet – so what is ‘Advance Together’?

Advance Together is a party led by Annabel Mullin (who promotes the anti-Raab leaflet) – a former Lib Dem candidate for Kensington and Change UK candidate in the EU elections.

Kyle Taylor – the candidate putting the anti-Raab leaflet out – is also a former Lib Dem, having worked as Chief of Staff to Simon Hughes MP for three years and his campaign manager in 2017. He also worked for Best for Britain.

Kyle also ran the ‘Fair Vote Project’ – a failed campaign established by Guido’s friends Zoolander Shahmir and Chris Wylie.

Kyle’s leaflets make no mention of his new ‘party’ and only mention his name once in a small font. It’s unlikely voters will remember the name Kyle Taylor or Advance Together when they get to the ballot box. They will remember the attack on Raab.

This kind of kamikaze candidate attack will only help the Lib Dems and Kyle gets an extra £30,000 to spend to help his real favoured party out, while keeping the Lib Dems ‘clean’ of such extreme negative campaigning. Expect even more dodgy tactics from Lib Dems as election day approaches…

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As an aide-memoire for the shadow foreign secretary, her dear leader has in the past claimed NATO was set up to “promote a Cold War with the Soviet Union” and wrote a column for the Morning Star entitled “High time for an End to Nato” that you can read in full here. More Stalin-esque erasing of history from the Labour Party…

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