Did Karl Turner Threaten Cummings?

The nauseating discourse in Westminster about the Prime Minister’s language yesterday led to Hull MP Karl Turner spotting Dominic Cummings in PCH and walking over to berate him. All conveniently filmed by one of Karl’s staffers…

At the very end of the clip, the subtitling stops – however some keen-eared Twitter users picked up the MP say one last parting thing to the PM’s Senior Adviser

Some reckon they can hear Karl saying he wants Cummings ‘in a ditch, dead’, which, of course, would undermine his rant about using more moderated language. Watch above and make up your own mind…

Cummings Dashes Karl Turner’s Ego

Dominic Cummings to Karl Turner…

I don’t know who you are.

Cummings Doorstepped… Again

Keeping up the unprecedented practice of doorstepping a backroom advisor, Reuters went to Dominic Cummings’s house this morning who responded in his usual blunt way; saying “you guys need to get out of London – go and talk to people who aren’t rich remainers”. Watch above…

Dominic Cummings Hectors The Rebels

The HuffPo have reported that during this afternoon’s No. 10 meeting with rebel Tory MPs, Dominic Cummings “hectored [them] for an extended period of time“, before going on to say:

“I don’t know who any of you are!”

Foreign Office Spending £500,000 on Trade Policy Training

While Civil Servants have been dragging their feet when it comes to Brexit, the Foreign Office has notoriously been the worst when it comes to accepting the result of the referendum. However, it appears that with Boris Johnson now in Downing Street and Dominic Raab in charge the penny has finally dropped at the FCO that Britain is leaving the EU on October 31. The foreign office’s mandarins realise that after 46 years they will once again be able to unilaterally decide Britain’s trade policy. In preparation the department is procuring £500,000 of training in ‘Advanced Trade Policy’. Better late than never…

The winner of the contract will need to “Design and deliver a bespoke, class-room based, Advanced Trade Policy (ATP) training programme” in order to “to ensure civil servants improve their trade policy expertise” and will endure for two years following its award. Unsurprisingly, the FCO has confirmed the contract is not being financed by EU funds…

UPDATE: FCO press office insist this is part of a continuing programme of training pointing to this tender which closed in January.

Dominic Cummings Speaks

Sky News were out with the cameras to doorstep Dominic Cummings this morning, Boris’s top adviser sportingly gave a brief but polite interview – considerably more so than many elected politicians. “Mr Grieve will see what he is right about…”

Cummings Orders SpAds to Take Back Control of Whitehall

Contrary to speculation last night, the much anticipated early morning meeting with Dominic Cummings did not turn out to be a cull of Remainer SpAds. Instead SpAds were given their “marching orders” to go back to their Departments and knock them into shape for Brexit, and warned that Philip Hammond/Greg Clark-style anti-Brexit antics would not be tolerated. Taking back control of Whitehall…

SpAds have been instructed to interrogate their Departments’ levels of no-deal readiness and report any issues back to Downing Street sooner rather than later. Any notion that Downing Street isn’t taking no deal preparations 100% seriously is out the window now.

Meanwhile Remainers’ latest idea to try to stop No Deal is to attempt to force an election – which Boris can delay until November anyway – and then get Mark Sedwill to ask Boris nicely not to go through with No Deal. Cummings will be quaking in his boots…

Here’s the SpAd list as it stands:

Rich’s Monday Morning View

Cummings Should Be Given More Power

Tony Blair gave Alastair Campbell and Johnathan Powell the official power to order civil servants around via an “Order in Council”. For the avoidance of doubt and to ensure the bureaucrats have certainty about the serious intent of the new government, Dominic Cummings should be given the same authority…

Boris Bringing Back Dominic Cummings

Vote Leave mastermind Dominic Cummings is set for a sensational return to government as a senior adviser to Boris Johnson. He met with Boris to outline his ideas weeks ago. The civil service will be wetting themselves about this…

UPDATE: All the right people are not happy at all…

Dominic Cummings: Backstop Is Not Permanent

The Remainer-stuffed Commons Privileges Committee has found former Vote Leave Director Dominic Cummings in contempt of Parliament for not accepting an invitation to appear before a Select Committee. This morning he responded in a new blog eviscerating their claims and exposing their highly partisan attitude.

In the same blog, Cummings revealed his thinking on May’s deal…

“Don’t worry about the so-called ‘permanent’ commitments this historically abysmal Cabinet are trying to make on our behalf. They are not ‘permanent’ and a serious government — one not cowed by officials and their bullshit ‘legal advice’ with which they have herded ministers like sheep — will dispense with these commitments and any domestic law enforcing them.”

In other words… back the deal and we’ll escape later…

High Speed Fail: Now California Ditches HS2 Equivalent

The writing is increasingly on the wall for the ludicrously expensive HS2 scheme after a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation this week revealed the ballooning cost of the white elephant project, with fears that the final bill could be as high as £100 billion. The investigation claimed that ministers have already secretly increased HS2’s budget allocation to £6 billion a year. Almost as much as the entire rest of the rail network put together…

There was another blow to HS2’s prospects this week from across the Atlantic as California decided to put the brakes on its own $77 billion high speed rail white elephant. It has been plagued by all the same budget issues as HS2, it is already $44 billion over budget and 13 years behind schedule…

Intriguingly, Guido has got wind that one of the ways Dominic Cummings has been keeping himself busy since the referendum is by making a number of secretive trips to California and reporting back to ministers and senior officials about Silicon Valley’s now successful efforts to lobby against high-speed rail and focus on autonomous vehicles instead. Cummings has a point – polling consistently shows that binning HS2 would be hugely popular with swing voters in marginal constituencies…

Will the post-May/Hammond Government take the chance to emulate California and actually do something which is both very popular and would save tens of billions? Surely not, Sir Humphrey will never allow so many dodgy contracts to be cancelled…

Dominic Cummings’ Real-Life Victory Speech

After much anticipation, Brexit: The Uncivil War aired last night, predictably sending the usual suspects like Carole Cadwalladr into indignant Twitter froths. Those who were actually there (including two thirds of the current Guido newsroom) enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch’s riveting performance as Dominic Cummings, even if many of the broader details of the campaign were inevitably glossed over in the limited space of 90 minutes. It was a drama, not a documentary…

Guido brings you the real-life version of Dom’s iconic victory speech, complete with chants of “taking back control” and the ceiling tile punch. Although Guido can confirm that Dom definitely stayed around to celebrate rather than slinking off alone…

Whistleblower Wylie Pocketed $100,000 From Trudeau Despite Telling Collins He Had No Clients

Fans of political dramas will be thrilled by the news that they will also have a Ron Howard-produced biopic of Chris Wylie – “the young gay visionary who created Cambridge Analytica” – to look forward to following Channel 4’s Brexit drama next month.[…] Read the rest


Cummings Was Right

Around the time of the referendum Guido recalls that Dominic Cummings feared that if the old school Eurosceptics got control of the Leave campaign it would end up being about “some global Britain bollocks”.

He subsequently wrote in a blog post following the referendum that a subset of the ERG “were an asset to Remain in the referendum and they’ve helped sink a viable policy since.[…] Read the rest


First Look: Channel 4’s Brexit Drama

Channel 4 have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Brexit drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Vote Leave supremo Dominic Cummings. The trailer doesn’t necessarily calm the suspicions that this is going to be more of a Cadwalladr-inspired techno-conspiracy than a serious political drama. […] Read the rest


Cummings Warns of the Consequences of a Second Referendum

Dominic Cummings says a second referendum would smash the party system…

“… the logical corollary will be to morph into a new party and fight the next election ‘to implement the promises we made in the referendum because the MPs have proved they can’t be trusted’.
[…] Read the rest


How Dominic Cummings Cost Taxpayers £20 Billion

Months ago Dominic Cummings was shopping around polling that he had done showing that the Tories could win the next election almost only by conceding the NHS argument and splurging more money on it. Remember Boris going public on the need to spend more money on the NHS at the beginning of the year?[…] Read the rest


Cummings Threatens Commons Poster Protest

John Bercow has entertained the ridiculous charade of grandstanding Remoaner Damian Collins attempting to compel Vote Leave boss Dominic Cummings to come to his committee, allowing a debate on the great pressing issue of our nation tomorrow. Guido is reliably informed that Cummings is threatening to mount some form of protest from the public gallery.[…] Read the rest


Cummings to Collins

Dominic Cummings tells Damian Collins:

“You talk of ‘contempt of Parliament’. You seem unaware that most of the country feels contempt for Parliament and this contempt is growing.”[…] Read the rest


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