Boris Tells Sky: “Your Story Was a Dud”

A big barney on Sky News as Dermot Murnaghan accuses Boris of lying over his free movement comments. Boris hits back by telling Sky their story was

“cooked up… I’m not entirely convinced your reporter talked to those ambassadors… Your story was a dud, it was wrong, it was a load of old baloney… [the journalist] was offered something that was completely untrue, it was nonsense… I’m glad that it’s been corrected.”


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Thornberry Meltdown: Accuses Murnaghan of Sexism

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry had a meltdown when Dermot Murnaghan asked if she could name the French foreign minister. She couldn’t, so she accused Dermot of being a sexist. She couldn’t name the South Korean leader either. And then demanded to take the row off air…

Vid via @liarpoliticians
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The New Adventures of Murnaghan

Dermot is back on our screens after his summer jollies, and the over-worked video monkeys at Sky News have treated us to this bonkers advert for his Sunday morning show:

Well Superman was a journalist…

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WATCH: Chuka Storms Off Sky News Interview


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