Starmtroopers Purge Sheffield’s Band of NIMBY Councillors

It’s all happening up in the Red Wall, as the Starmtroopers continue their purge of Labour’s loony left. After the party previously suspended both Leicester East and Boston North East CLPs, the clear out has now turned to seven Sheffield councillors. The rebellious cohort invoked the wrath of party HQ by voting against the whip on a local plan to build over 30,000 homes in the area. Labour weren’t having it. A spokesperson said “any action by councillors who are not on board will not be tolerated.” 

The suspended seven include former deputy leader Julie Grocutt, former chair of finance Bryan Lodge, Tony Damms, Gary Weatherall and Dianne Hurst, Denise Fox, and her husband former council leader Terry Fox. As Guido previously reported, Terry was ousted as council leader following a damning internal party report back in May. The Starmtroopers are aiming for total hegemony…

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