Greens Condemn Blair’s “Blood Money”

Yesterday Guido suggested that the Green Party should capitalise on the hypocrisy of Labour’s candidates in Brighton, who protested the Iraq War yet remain silent on why they are accepting cash from Tony Blair. It’s not like the Greens, bless ’em, to get punchy, but their Brighton Kemptown candidate Davy Jones this morning steps up and twists the knife into his Labour opponent Nancy Platts. He tells Guido:

“It is blood money and if I were Nancy, I’d definitely be sending it back.”

Meanwhile, a third Labour candidate has rejected Blair’s donation. Gloucestershire candidate Sophy Gardner served in the RAF and says:

“I have taken a personal decision that given my criticism of the Iraq war, in which I served, it would be hypocritical of me to accept it. Therefore, I can confirm I would decline this money.”

Of the hypocritical Labour candidates Guido contacted yesterday to ask if they will give the money back, none responded…

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