Sky’s Anti-Freedom Covid ‘Expert’ is Lifelong Socialist Activist

It’s 2022 and Guido’s longstanding Expert Activist series is back for another year. Yesterday Sky News interviewed Dr. David Wrigley, the deputy chair of the British Medical Association, who spent the entire exchange blasting the government for not “[doing] the right thing by the population“, and criticised them for refusing to reintroduce draconian Covid restrictions over Christmas. A few crucial details about Dr. Wrigley were conspicuously missing from Sky’s interview, however:

  1. He’s an open member of the ‘Socialist Health Association’
  2. A lifelong member of the Labour Party
  3. And even a former chair of the Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency Labour Party.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle Wrigley was Chair of “Doctors in Unite”, the hard-left organisation affiliated to the Labour Party, until 2018.  Other details are readily available on his profile page on the Socialist Health Association website:

“I am an NHS GP in Carnforth, north Lancashire and have worked there for over 15 years. I am passionately committed to a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS. I am a lifelong Labour Party member and past chair of Morecambe and Lunesdale CLP. I was recently on the selection panel for the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in my constituency under an All Women Shortlist.”

Of course, Wrigley is well within his right to express his views, and Sky has a right to platform them. As always, it’s just important that broadcasters make their guests’ personal biases clear to their viewers.

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