Equalities Commissioner Slams Runnymede Anti-Racism Report… Funded by Equalities Commission

David Goodhart has little good to say about the Runnymede Trust’s new report into racial discrimination today: writing for UnHerd, Goodhart unleashes on both the trust and its research, claiming it’s “deeply flawed”, “highly polemical and one-sided“, and “draws completely unjustifiable conclusions”. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a surprise, given how gung-ho Runnymede have been in their desires to declare the UK institutionally racist. The difference this time is Goodhart happens to be a commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which funded Runnymede’s research in the first place:

A glowing tribute, to which Goodhart returns in kind with:

“The Runnymede Trust is an activist organisation and is duty-bound to be biased. But it has to remain reasonable and not just cherry-pick the worst possible data. It now seems to be staffed by a highly ideological mainly younger generation of people with little experience of the real world.”

No wonder Goodhart’s appointment attracted criticism from the usual suspects last year. Guido also notes that UnHerd are quick to point out that his article is written “in a personal capacity”…

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