Rishi Confirms “Tough, New” Anti-Strike Laws

Rishi just put the union barons on notice. Speaking at PMQs, the Sunak confirmed the government will push ahead with much-needed anti-strike laws:

“Hard working families right now in this country are facing challenges. The Government has been reasonable. It has accepted the recommendations of a pay review body, giving pay rises in many cases higher than the private sector. But if the union leaders continue to be unreasonable then it is my duty to take action to protect the lives and livelihoods of the British public and that is why since I became Prime Minister I have been working for new tough laws to protect people from this disruption.”

David Cameron secretly watered down the laws just to court the unions into supporting Remain. The new laws will extend minimum service across the public sector, which were ditched in 2016. Starmer was clearly keen to talk about anything else…

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Gordon Brown Still the Most Unpopular PM of the Century

The usual blowhards like Alastair Campbell and James O’Brien like to claim that Boris was the worst Prime Minister of all time. That’s not a view reflected by the public. According to data compiled by Britain Elects and published by the New Statesman, during his premiership Boris never reached the depths of unpopularity reached by most of his recent predecessors as PM. Tony Blair was more unpopular before he left office, Gordon Brown was far more unpopular during his tenure and Theresa May sunk lower in popular esteem than ever Boris did. Of recent PMs only David Cameron was less negatively perceived at his lowest point. Dave didn’t have the almost universal and unforgiving disdain of the europhile chattering classes against him though…

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Rishi’s Second McDonald’s Faux Pas

Rishi’s just wrapped up a cosy This Morning interview on ITV, with the presenters lightly grilling him on inflation, tax cuts, and the far more substantive question of his McDonald’s order yesterday. Despite failing to probe Rishi on Guido’s allegation that his contactless payment photo was faked for Instagram, he was at least asked for his go-to order:

“I was there at about, gosh, 7.45 in the morning so it was not a burger and nuggets! I get bacon roll with ketchup and the pancakes.

“- Hashbrowns?”

I didn’t yesterday but if I’m with my daughters then we get the wrap. My eldest daughter, we get the wrap so if I’m with her that wrap with the hashbrown and everything in it is what we do.”

There’s just one problem with this anecdote, leaving Rishi with egg on his face: McDonald’s haven’t served the breakfast wrap since March 2020, when they massively slimmed down their menu during Covid. They then formally discontinued the wrap in January this year. Rishi must really try and ketchup with the chain’s menu developments…

Rishi’s always presented himself as a Cameroon and now he’s fallen into the same trap Dave, when the PM recalled last buying a pasty from Leeds train station despite the chain having closed down some years prior. What a pair of silly sausages…

UPDATE: Team Rishi get in touch with a defence:

“Given he’s barely seen his kids in the last 2 and half years since he became chancellor it’s not beyond the wit of man that he hasn’t had a Mcdonald’s with them in that time”

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Cameron on the Conservative Approach to Rising Cost of Living

David Cameron reminds Andrew Marr of a simple truth…

“If you can keep the cost of government down and people’s taxes down, you help them through the cost of living crisis, that’s important.”

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Osborne Finally Takes Over from Cameron

Coronavirus has struck down former PM David Cameron, just days before he was set to travel to Jacinda’s prison island of New Zealand, to attend the conference of the centre-right National Party. The party, bracing for an election in 2023 after St Jacinda’s 2020 majority victory, were hoping to hear from Britain’s ex-PM. Now Guido sees George Osborne will finally step into his ex-boss’s shoes after agreeing to fill in.

This morning the National Party leader Chris Luxon argued that centre-right parties worldwide face a perception problem, especially appearing uncompassionate, and said the party wants to “detoxify” itself like the UK Tories did in the 2010 election. Let’s hope Osborne manages to stay Covid-free, or the conference will end up facing Theresa May’s extortionate speaking fees…

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Good to See Nadine’s Buried the Hatchet…

An hilarious tweet from Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries this afternoon as she decided to turn David Cameron into a meme. A Mail snap of Mr and Mrs Cameron started going the rounds on Twitter this morning owing to the former PM’s new look. One user joked he looked like he “knows a guy who can fix up your car for £20 and a packet of cigs”. Another that he “looks like every guy stood outside a stadium trying to buy or sell tickets.” Or just like most middle-aged Dads…

Nadine clearly enjoyed this so much she’s now made Cameron the face of her department’s unsound push to crack down on ticket touts:

Finally, sweet revenge from the man who stripped her of the whip in 2012…

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