WATCH: Ben Wallace Blasts SNP’s Procurement Hypocrisy

Ben Wallace is clearly not in a mood for taking lectures today. Responding to a defence question from SNP MP Dave Doogan this afternoon, who claimed “army procurement couldn’t order a pizza and get it delivered on time and on budget”, Wallace gave him both barrels:

“Getting lessons from the SNP on procurement, I mean Ferguson Shipyard [is] clinging on by its fingernails. When push comes to shove, they buy their ferries from Turkey… he goes on about all the issues he thinks is wrong with the armed forces from a man who was going to campaign to break up the United Kingdom, reduce the Scottish armed forces to a rubber dinghy, and of course just tell everyone else that it’s all the fault of the English […] and what would be really nice is if once in a while, the SNP in Scotland actually did more than stand in front of ceremonial troops, got out there, helped soldiers be recruited… helped the schools talk about what’s important about defence, rather than always talk it down.”

Taking no prisoners…

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