Poll Shows Boris Would Win in Ruislip Even if Kangaroo Court Forces By-Election

With Harriet Harman’s kangaroo court Privileges Committee soon set to adjudicate on Boris Johnson’s future, new polling suggests the threat of a by-election would be far from fatal for the former Prime Minister. A constituency poll of voters, in Uxbridge and South Ruislip alone, from Lord Ashcroft shows Boris would be home and dry, raking in a stonking 50% of the vote. Labour’s black mould candidate crashes and burns on 33%, whilst Guido’s favourite tofu fan, Blaise Baquiche, clocks in 6%. If the kangaroo court does jump to a by-election, Boris’s opponents would need one hell of a bounce to stand any chance…

This isn’t the only good news for Boris from the poll. Voters in Uxbridge were also asked their opinion of his record as Prime Minister: just 29% had a negative opinion with 41% saying he was “good” or “great”. By a net margin of 13%, voters also have a positive perception of his record as a constituency MP. Bring on the by-election…

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Boris’s Uxbridge Opponent At Helm For Council Flats Fire Negligence

Camden Council pleaded guilty to two health and safety breaches concerning the lack of fire detectors, alarms and a viable escape route at a council-maintained block of flats in which a blaze took the life of 35-year-old Magdalena Fink in November 2017. The council have been ordered to hand over £500,000 of taxpayers’ money in fines. It will also cover the £41,000 legal costs of the London Fire Brigade, who brought the prosecution. 

Worse still, the council were warned in a 2013 risk assessment that the block urgently required a new fire alarm system, replacement fire doors and removal of flammable cladding on the only escape route.

Cllr Matthew Kirk of the LibDems said: 

“This is a huge amount of money which could have bought a lot of benefits for Camden residents… no officer has taken responsibility for this clearly dramatic failing.”

The Camden Council member responsible for planning, regeneration, economic growth and “Camden’s ambitious council house building programme” since October 2017 is none other than Danny Beales. A councillor since May 2014, Beales’ tenure at the top has been plagued by mould, damp, and fires. Yet despite the dangerous living conditions, the Camden cabinet voted to put council home tenants’ rents up by 7% in January.

Beales is bidding to be underwhelming on the national stage as he hopes to unseat Boris Johnson at the next election…

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Boris’s Uxbridge Opponent is Councillor Responsible for “Overwhelmed With Black Mould” Housing

The Camden councillor hoping to unseat Boris Johnson in Uxbridge is the man responsible for a flagship development which became “overwhelmed with damp and black mould”. Danny Beales’s profile on Camden Labour boasts he is the “cabinet member responsible for Camden’s ambitious council house building programme”. It’s not something to be proud of considering recent developments…

Last week it was reported that an 89-year old great grandmother, Margaret Davis, was forced to move out of her flat in Camden’s flagship housing block due to poor conditions. Margaret, who has suffered from pneumonia, had been housed in the block since 2018, after the council demolished her flat of 55 years. The Council also delayed their plans to move Margaret, though have now done so and issued an apology. All on Danny’s watch. Considering his stump speech leans so heavily on experiences of homelessness, he of all people should know the value of good quality housing.

Danny has previously bragged of acting on the housing crisis where the national government “has failed”. He adds that Camden Council, which operates over Sir Keir’s constituency, is “showing the way for a Labour government”. Guido wouldn’t put that one in the manifesto…

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